Choosing the Right Business Phone System


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Businesses, whether small or big, need a business phone system. Different kinds of business phones would be suitable for your business. You would need the system to connect with your clients or even your employees. There are different kinds of available business phone systems in Vancouver.

The kind of phone system that you choose would be dependent on the kind of business that you have. You can try out Panasonic business phones that would be good for your business. The different kinds of business phone systems in Surrey are as follows:

Virtual Phone Systems

The virtual business phone system in Surrey is one of the most used in both small and big businesses. In this kind of a system is where the caller would connect with the main phone of the business and then they would be connected to the remote phones of the workers or their home phones.

This is a system of forwarding the call to the destination number that the caller is asking for. The client would first all come to a mainline from where the call would then be transferred to the other lines. This is a professional business phone system in Surrey and is used by almost all businesses.

Landline Phone System

This is a very traditional business phone system in Surrey and is present in almost all offices. In this kind of a line, the caller directly calls to the desired number, and there is no system of call forwarding. There are individual phones for each person in the office, and everyone has their numbers.

You can get traditional Panasonic business phones in Vancouver, which would be good for your business. However, you may not find traditional landlines in many offices as other forms of phone systems have taken over. However, due to the ease of convenience, people still use traditional lines in many places.

VoIP Phone Systems

These phone systems are just like other traditional lines, but the internet is used in this kind of a system. The internet connection is the same that is used widely by the office. This means that the company would not have to invest in a new internet connection. There are no wiring systems in these phones. There are many systems of VoIP Panasonic business phones in Surrey which are used in offices. Since there is not much investment, it makes it easy for the offices to use phone systems at affordable rates.

These are the different kinds of business phone systems that are used in offices in different cities. The kind of phone systems that you use for your business would be dependent on the kind of business you run. If you are a big system, then it would be better to opt for virtual phone systems or VoIP system as compared to traditional landlines. However, for small businesses, traditional lines are the best.

Ansatel Communications is one of Canada’s leading communications providers and offers voice solutions and combined data. They deal with your detailed technology and budget and aid in business growth eventually.

Top Advantages of Using Business Phone Systems in Your Workplace


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A business phone system is crucial to the ideal functioning of the workplace. A proper business phone system can help grow your business and make it more efficient and adaptable to growth and change. Panasonic Business Phones in Vancouver not only helps in improving communication within the workplace, but it can make handling customer, and client calls easier.

A business phone system can help you to manage your business or office effectively and facilitate communication. Let us look at some of the advantages that a business phone system provides over regular phone company sets.

  1. Adaptability: A major advantage of business phone systems in Surrey is that they are highly adaptable to the nature and demand of the business. A business phone system essentially works over a virtual platform using the VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol.

Since there are no hard lines, you can easily add business phones and create any number of lines within the system. An internet-based phone system can help manage a small business but also keep track and adapt along with the enterprise’s growth.

  1. High-End Features: With business phones, you can lend a professional air to your firm even if it is a small one. You can implement features like call waiting, auto-response, and IVR or Interactive Voice Response services at minimal costs.

It also helps improve customer service greatly as it allows easy call transfer, conferencing, along with proper call logs and call histories. Since business phone systems work over the internet, you can also have numbers displayed on computer screens enable pop-ups to help your employees serve clients better.

  1. Cost-effective: Another major advantage of Panasonic Business Phones in Vancouver is that they cost significantly less and provide a lot of additional features for lower prices. Since the whole system works over VoIP, there is no need to set up or maintain hard cables, an on-site PBX or a network switch, or phones. On top of that, the cost of calls itself is lowered drastically. Since calls are made over the internet, you can make calls—local or international at low prices.
  2. A Unified Communications System: Another major advantage that a business phone system provides is that it can help bring together all forms of communication within the workspace. Since phones work over the internet, they can be synced with other methods of communication like emails.

It means messages can be automatically transcribed, remote workers can access and attend calls, and all communication can be conducted through one channel, which greatly reduces the chances of losing a call.

With business phone systems in Vancouver, your business can get all it takes to reach the top. Get the best business phones with Ansatel and easily switch to business phone systems today to make the most out of your business.

Signs That Show That The Phone System In Your Office Is Failing Gradually


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No one wants to keep a phone system at the office which cannot keep pace with the operations anymore, isn’t it? Initially, you find that the irritations of the old phone system are minor, but eventually, the issues tend to expand, causing serious damages to the business operations.

There can be confusion related to the ringing of the phones, customers start complaining about quality issues of calling, the voicemail boxes turn full, and many more irritating problems crop up with old business phones.

You require such a business phone system in your office that can help simplify the work rather than making it even more complex. So, here are some signs that indicate that you must be updating your phone system at the office to keep up with the fast pace operations.

Issues In Call Routing:

Limited options of call routing result in cumbersome and frustrating phone tree in the office and also give rise to navigation issues. It is frustrating for the customers to be on line for an unlimited period and keep entering several digits to reach to the actual menu options. In most cases, the customers hang up the call and move to your competitor companies that can offer them better services.

Choose a phone system that can help you customize the features of call routing to offer enhanced customer service experience. Opting for the latest Panasonic business phones are great options in this regard. Such wise investments work as building blocks for the success of your company.

Difficulties In Scaling:

The scalability issue in phone systems often acts as hurdles in the growth of businesses. Some of the systems even require the installation of physical wire for the activation of every new phone system. Sometimes, you even require the assistance of IT technicians in handling such systems. This makes the entire process time-consuming and costly. To overcome these issues, you require phone systems that can easily add new locations and users in a short period. Thus, the business can expand easily to new locations. Nowadays, you even have cloud business phones that enable companies in making real-time changes in the system.

Poor Quality Of Calling:

Your employees and customers must never deal with quality issues in calling like frequent static, jumbled audio, drop in calls, voice delays, etc. These issues instantly bring down the image of your company and can even close various opportunity windows that could be quite profitable for your organization.

Switching to updated and new business phone systems in Vancouver can cater to every issue that you face in business operations daily. Ansatel Communications INC. is the leading service provider of business phone systems in Canada. Starting from data solutions to converged voice techniques, our experts enable businesses to grow seamlessly in this intensely competitive environment. Our phone systems enable centralized working in the offices and are quite easy to configure.

Indispensable Phone Features Mandatory for Modern Businesses


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The technology involved in telephone communication systems has undergone a major shift over the years. The initial and most radical change came when mobile telecommunication systems started replacing landline systems. Landline systems have become practically obsolete nowadays.

However, they are still widely used in business establishments nationwide. The traditional phone has also shifted to VoIP technology. Telecommunication technology is always innovating and there are hundreds of functional changes that take place every day. These changes make your business phone systems much better.

Following we have illustrated some indispensable business phone features that have become practically mandatory for modern businesses. Business phone systems in Vancouver and other major Canadian systems simply must possess these features to keep up with your competition. These are small systemic improvements that keep your business phone system on its toes.

Introduce “Find Me, Follow Me” Technology

The one feature about phone calls is they cannot be delayed and they must occur in real time. “Find Me, Follow Me” or FMFM is a feature which rings all the devices related to you in a pre-ordained sequence. For example, you could program your business phone systems in Surrey to first reach the automatic call attendant, then the receptionist, then your office extension, then your personal cellphone and finally your co-worker’s office extension.

Any business that is heavily sales-oriented simply must introduce FMFM technology into their business phone systems. You and your employees can’t afford to miss important calls and FMFM takes care of that problem.

Voicemail Transcription

If you have a business with a sizeable volume of customers, then there is a very good chance that you spend a large amount of time following up on voicemail messages. Instead of listening to scores of voicemail messages, you should install voicemail transcription features into your business phone systems in Vancouver.

Transcribed voicemail messages are easily readable and also eat away less time for your employees. This feature relies on speech-to-text recognition software, so the end result is not always perfect. However, having software do the transcription for you minimizes privacy risks.

Control All Your Active Calls

VoIP technology has allowed us to digitize voice calls effectively. This also gives you the ability to wield total control over all your active calls using your state-of-the-art Panasonic business phone systems. Calls can now be easily integrated with computers and this will allow you to use call-controlling features like Whisper, Monitor, Barge, and Record. The monitor can allow you to listen in on calls while Whisper will allow you to listen in on a call and speak only that your employee can hear you.

Ansatel Communications is a company with over 35 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and we can offer you the best telephone solutions available in Canada.

How to Choose a Suitable Cloud Services Vendor?


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Choosing the right cloud services provider is a challenging task. Many business phone systems in Surrey make use of ‘cloud-based’ technology for easy and effective communication. In a highly competitive market, service providers constantly add new features and keep their services fairly low to gain new customers. In such a scenario it may seem difficult to choose the right provider but basing your search on some factors you would be able to come across the right vendor easily.
Safety: One of the key concerns of entrepreneurs when it comes to ‘cloud-based’ services for a business phone system in Surrey is security. Thus it is essential to choose a vendor who can meet the industry and regulatory security needs. Before choosing your vendor, ensure you know all about the security measures provided by them. You must even find out the mechanism the vendor uses for preserving your applications and data.
Compliant: The ‘cloud-based’ services you select for your business phone system must conform with the standards of the industry and organization. Whatever ‘cloud-based’ platform you choose make sure you completely understand how it can be compliant when your applications and data are stored in cloud infrastructure.
Customer Service: It is essential to choose a ‘cloud-based’ services provider that has a commendable customer service team. Some providers offer support through the chat or call centre service. While many service providers allow their clients to directly access the dedicated resources for a certain period. Depending on the type of service you want, you must choose your vendor.
Cost: Price is certainly an important factor to take into account while choosing a ‘cloud-based’ vendor for Panasonic business phones in Surrey. Before deciding on your vendor, you need to consider a whole lot of costs. In addition to the market price of your phone, you must consider the related costs which include all the personnel you must hire to manage your cloud platform. You can buy the services in the following ways:
• For the ‘on-demand’ option you have to pay for only whatever you are making use of and you do not have to pay for any upfront costs.
• If you choose the ‘reserved’ option you have to reserve the services for 3 years and pay the initial upfront cost on the basis of the services you desire.
• In the ‘spot’ option you can ask for the extra capacity available.
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Essential Things That You Need To Consider While Purchasing A Business Phone System


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In the industrial sectors, the business phone system holds a very important position. Whether it is an existing company or a newly established one, a proper business phone system would help in business activities. Initially, most of the companies used to prefer the traditional business phone system that consisted of an Analog, PRI or T1.

With the growth and popularity of the internet, nowadays the focus has shifted to the use of a VoIP phone system. This particular VoIP system manages to utilize modern day data networks to communicate with the use of Internet Protocol. So if you are willing to establish a new venture in the industry, make sure that you consider a few vital points before purchasing the business phones.

Features Of The Business Phones Are The First Things To Notice

You need to be very sure about all the features which are offered by the business phone system you select for your company. Most of the leading ‘hosted’ phone providers do not tend to offer the exact same features in all their ‘hosted’ items as they might do for the ‘promises-based’ products.

In case you would need the business phone systems in Vancouver for activities like IVR, conferencing, call queues, then you must select the products accordingly. If the products fail to deliver the prospects that you are looking for, then there is no point making such as a huge investment.

Take The Initial Investment Into Account

The ‘hosted’ VoIP systems tend to have low-cost investments as they are mostly charged as a specific monthly fee for each user. In case you use the on-site VoIP solution, then the initial investment might be a bit high but you would not have to face any monthly fee system.

In order to survive in the long run, it is better to buy your own system instead of paying a monthly fee. The ‘hosted’ VoIP manages to be a great option for businesses with around 5 to 15 employees. But it is better to opt for a ‘cloud’ phone system for larger business setup.

Consider The Flexibility Of The System

It is very difficult to predict the position and condition of your company in the next few years. In case you are expecting rapid growth in the coming years, make sure that you consider its impact on your purchase. While going with the ‘premises-based’ system, it would be better to buy a larger system so that the growth can be accommodated.

Therefore, if you are looking for a trust-worthy company to provide you with all the business phone solutions then you must get in touch with Ansatel Communications INC. Here we make sure that all our customers get to choose from a wide range of business phone systems in Surrey. Make sure that you visit us before making your final purchase.

Everything That You Require To Know Regarding The Business Phone Systems


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Being a ‘cutting-edge’ solution for communication issues, phone systems are a useful tool for making outgoing and incoming calls even more efficient. The recent developments in the telecom industry have enhanced the advanced phone systems with a number of features which are helping them to provide solutions to many businesses.

Most of the organizations are acquiring business phones to make sure that you are effectively connected to the caller with the help of one or more lines. Both the small as well as medium-sized organizations get to establish better business relations with the use of business phone systems. So if you are considering the idea of procuring an efficient phone system, make sure that you have a clear idea about the same.

Positive Highlights Of The Business Phone Systems

The main motive of establishing a sound phone system in your office is to enhance the networking capabilities of the employees. This is because the business phones make it much more effective and easier to communicate with the customers and dealers.

Moreover, it also acts as a time-saving method of communication which is carried out in an efficiently organized manner. There are a few kinds of Panasonic business phones which have cost-saving facilities that tend to reduce the call costs tremendously. Such advanced technologies manage to cut down the rates of local and the long distance calls.

Make Sure That You Take The Right Decision In Choosing The Business Phones

There are different kinds of business phones available in the market which relates to the businesses according to their features. In order to acquire the most suitable phone system for your business, you need to keep a few essential things in your mind.

As the business phone systems in Vancouver considered to be a long-term investment, you need to discover the features that you are looking for. The features on your business phone system would depend upon the purpose you would be using the phone system for. Plus, you should also ensure that you acquire the exact number of phones in accordance with the total number of actual users.

Choose The Business Phone System According To The Priorities

One of the most important factors that you must take into account is the average number of calls that are supposed to be conducted through the phones. This particular data would ensure that you get the best business phones as per your requirements. Whether you would like to opt for VoIP or PBX, it would totally depend upon your needs and preferences.

So in order to procure the best phone systems for your organization, you would have to ensure that you check out Ansatel Communications Inc. We provide all our customers with the best business phone systems available in the market.  All you have to do is get in touch with us and let us guide you through the procedure of getting the best products out there.

What is the Role of the ‘VOIP Phone System’ to Grow Your Business?


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For all businesses, whether small, mid-size or large, it is necessary to have a dependable phone system. As the traditional phone systems are not easy to scale down and up and configure on the basis of your organizational requirement, it is essential to invest in the VOIP phone system. The ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ supports a vast range of futuristic technologies and call features and can be configured easily.

The Pros of the Voice Over Internet Protocol System

  • Easy Configuration, Upkeep, and Installation: You can easily install, configure and maintain the IP Panasonic Business Phones in Surrey. The VOIP ‘phone system’ is in great demand as it does not require much technical knowledge for its installation. Moreover, the VOIP’s phone system helps in the addition of users regularly and in a cost-effective way. The best part of using the VOIP system is that it does not need any hardware or software and only need to buy the ‘Panasonic business phones’.
  • Scaling Down and Up According to the Organizational Requirement: Since it is tough to assess exactly how many phones are needed in the business phone system you need to invest in a phone system which is scalable. The VOIP phone system suffices this requirement and it helps to add and remove lines according to the requirement of an organization.
  • Supports Futuristic Features and Technologies: There are scores of benefits of upgrading to a hosted VOIP business phone system. Added to the core features of a traditional VOIP business phone system, the VOIP phones offer futuristic features like conference calling, call transfer, call hold, call hunt, follow me, ‘auto phone’ menus etc.

Hence, by installing the ‘hosted VOIP Panasonic Business Phones in Vancouver, it is possible to enjoy the advanced and the basic ‘call features’. The ‘hosted VOIP’ phone system supports the ‘IP faxing’. You could receive and send faxes with the help of this phone system to your ‘email account’.

  • Cost-Effective: The traditional business phone system requires costly upkeep, installations, and On the other hand, the hosted VOIP business phones entail easy and cost-effective installations. As with the VOIP business phones, the calls can be made in a cost-effective way, large organizations invest in the VOIP business phone systems and save on the international calls made daily.

For the easy installation of the VOIP business phone system, hire the Ansatel Communications Inc. services. It is this ‘Canada-based’ telecommunications ‘services provider’ which offers top-grade quality services such as wireless capability, messaging solutions,   IP networking and much more. Install this phone system for your business today and you will not regret your decision. For further details, call (604) 872-6500 and we would help you the best we can.

The Core features of a Business Phone System that Helps a Business to Prosper


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Fruitful communication enables a key role in the prospering a business. The organization’s success is based on all the ‘positive relationships’ with all the clients, partners, and coworkers. Thus, it is essential to buy an effective ‘business phone system’. To purchase the ‘phone system’ for your business you must check out the plethora of factors.

Easy to Operate: A user-friendly business phone system helps in communication. As a result, you should have a business phone system which your workforce can operate easily without referring to a user manual.

Futuristic Features: A suitable phone system largely contributes to the success of any business. Hence you should ensure in investing in a business phone which has cutting-edge features such as outlook integration, call recording, ‘live employee’ presence, call queues, call-importance, call routing, call-text notifications, and much more.

Effective Communication through the Single Device:  Many of the USA workers are mobile-savvy. For all the business-associated work like managing the meetings of the sales; attending the industry conference or for helping the workers work from the comfort of their home, you require a phone system which is equipped with the ‘call forwarding’, VOIP and the digital voicemail features. The VOIP or the cloud-based business phone system in Surrey helps to route the phone service via the computers of the workers. This would help in having seamless and effective communication with the employees of your company through a single device.

Personalization: One of the essential factors to check out is customization while purchasing business phone systems in Surrey. Personalization of the business phones with features such as call routing is essential to fulfilling the organizational need. The ‘VOIP solution’ enables in changing of the greeting through the ‘virtual reception’. On the other hand, incorporating the changes on the ‘on-premise’ phone system requires meticulous planning and execution. Moreover, all the vendors do not provide the possibility of the addition of the new branches for the small businesses. Thus entrepreneurs of small businesses should invest in the VOIP solution as that seems to be more feasible for their small-sized businesses.

Deployment Cost: Both the conventional landline system as well as the VOIP system needs equipment or data storage. Both the systems have demerits and merits and you need to take into account each of the systems. The ‘on-premise’ system requires a huge cost upfront which includes installation of the system, training of the employee, IT support and maintenance. Hence it is suitable for a huge company that has an effective customer support team. For small companies, the ‘VOIP system’ is practical since it incurs a low-cost upfront. The cost involved is buying the IP phones for workers.

The Canada-based Ansatel Communications Inc. is a market leader for the communication services. We provide top-grade quality Panasonic Business Phones in Surrey along with converged voice and ‘integrated’ data solutions and you could select on the basis of your technology requirement and budget. You may contact us by calling up (604) 872-6500 for any questions. We look forward to helping you at the earliest.

Buyer’s Guide To Business Phone Systems


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If you are new to the business world, you might be confused about how a business phone system different from the usual analog telephone. What sets a business phone system a class apart from the analog phone system is that it uses voice over internet protocol. Voice over Internet Protocol is a cutting-edge technology that permits the users to contact others using an Internet connection in place of an analog phone.

This comes with a lot of features and added benefits that prove to be successful for the companies in the long run. VoIP works on the basic principle of converting sound waves into digital waves before sending them to the receiver via the internet.

Numerous modern companies use technologically advanced business telephone systems to contact their business partners and clients. There are various profits linked with the use of these systems. Here are a few features you should look for in your business phone system.


It is a feature that permits messages to be stored for the unavailable employees. A lot of systems can forward the calls to the employees without third-party interference. This feature is available in the higher priced models.

Call Hold

It allows the person to keep the clients or customers on hold while the person searches for information to provide.

Call Forwarding

It allows the user to forward all calls to another system or to voicemail temporarily in case of no reply from the initial system.

Conferencing Features

It is a feature that allows you to connect with two or more people to take part in a conversation. It helps in scheduling a meeting online so that more number of people can communicate and are able to share their ideas at a go.


It permits the last number contacted to be redialed with ease.

Speed Dial

It saves commonly contacted phone numbers and permits the user to make a call on the push of a button. It is a vital timesaver for commonly called numbers.

Backup Power

It provides an alternative power source for ten to sixty minutes in case there is a power cut.

Music on Hold

It provides your callers a tune to listen to while they have been put on hold. It is usually a tune or a prerecorded advertisement related to the company and its schemes.

If you are a businessman, you definitely need a business phone system. And if you are based in Surrey or Vancouver, contact Ansatel Communications Inc. right now. We are the best VoIP and business phone systems provider in Surrey and Vancouver. We provide the best quality and the up to date Panasonic business phone systems. To avail our top network services and business systems, reach us at (604) 872-6500. We have just one aim, our customers’ total satisfaction.