Buyer’s Guide To Business Phone Systems


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If you are new to the business world, you might be confused about how a business phone system different from the usual analog telephone. What sets a business phone system a class apart from the analog phone system is that it uses voice over internet protocol. Voice over Internet Protocol is a cutting-edge technology that permits the users to contact others using an Internet connection in place of an analog phone.

This comes with a lot of features and added benefits that prove to be successful for the companies in the long run. VoIP works on the basic principle of converting sound waves into digital waves before sending them to the receiver via the internet.

Numerous modern companies use technologically advanced business telephone systems to contact their business partners and clients. There are various profits linked with the use of these systems. Here are a few features you should look for in your business phone system.


It is a feature that permits messages to be stored for the unavailable employees. A lot of systems can forward the calls to the employees without third-party interference. This feature is available in the higher priced models.

Call Hold

It allows the person to keep the clients or customers on hold while the person searches for information to provide.

Call Forwarding

It allows the user to forward all calls to another system or to voicemail temporarily in case of no reply from the initial system.

Conferencing Features

It is a feature that allows you to connect with two or more people to take part in a conversation. It helps in scheduling a meeting online so that more number of people can communicate and are able to share their ideas at a go.


It permits the last number contacted to be redialed with ease.

Speed Dial

It saves commonly contacted phone numbers and permits the user to make a call on the push of a button. It is a vital timesaver for commonly called numbers.

Backup Power

It provides an alternative power source for ten to sixty minutes in case there is a power cut.

Music on Hold

It provides your callers a tune to listen to while they have been put on hold. It is usually a tune or a prerecorded advertisement related to the company and its schemes.

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Communication Is The Key: Streamlining Of Customer Experience For Your Business


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The internet connectivity today has become the omnipresent reality in the lives of most people. By stressing on the importance of the internet, companies often forget about the services and practices that are required at the back-end offices so that the digital aims of the enterprise can turn into reality.

Consumers today are inclined mostly towards online purchasing which is much more than just clicking the button of the mouse. Experts dealing with the services of business phone system address to the actual needs of small and large businesses so that they can effectively attain best customer experiences.

In this digital age, customer experience has become extremely vital especially if you are running an online business. There must be a clean line of communications between the buyers and the company so that there are no misunderstandings or gaps between them. Consumers are basically fickle beings and they have countless options open to them.

So, whenever they face any type of technological issue with the company they shift to the other options readily. Here are some tips for the companies using which they can craft an exceptional customer experience.

More Channels:

Provide your customers with multiple communication channels so that they can get connected with you quite easily. Be it voice or web chat, and email, every option must be open to the customers for inquiries. This can help the company in having a broad customer base and at the same time save costs, time and manpower.

Use Of Self-Service:

The use of IVR systems is great for greeting the customers when they contact you. The touch key commands and voice recognition can resolve the issues of the customers with ease. Thus, your employees need not get bothered much and can concentrate on other problems.

Many companies use Panasonic business phones in Vancouver which are great for transmitting calls from one end to the other. Thus, your customer executive can easily connect to the customers whenever they are in need.

Combination Of Your Wares:

Many businesses tend to keep the platforms for customer engagement and CRM systems separate from one another. This can prove to be counter-productive. The combination of the two systems help the agents of the company in interacting with the customers quite well. There are no chances of backlogs and valuable information of the customers can be obtained easily.

By using business phones, companies can keep a track of the interactions that take place with their customers, check the wait times, repeat sales and look into the resolutions of the first contact. By analyzing these statics, the company can take the necessary steps for improving the communication channels, if required.

Ansatel Communications INC. is one of the trusted providers of the business phone system in Surrey and Vancouver. We offer integrated data and voice solutions for communication so that companies can grow in a seamless manner. Our phone systems have centralized features which offer communication in multiple locations.

Guide To The VoIP Trends


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The Voice Over Internet Protocol or the VoIP has become immensely popular and the standard of the industry of communication. This type of business phone system has plenty of advantages to offer to the companies and their businesses. Some of the common benefits associated with the use of VoIP are scalability, cost efficiency, and flexibility. With the advancement of technology, the capabilities and functioning of the VoIP system have also become quite advanced.

The companies who are considering to make a switch to this type of business phone system in Surrey or planning to upgrade their existing VoIP system must be aware of the latest trends that are available in it. The use of Panasonic business phones have also become quite popular in the areas of Vancouver and Surrey owing to the seamless coverage that the systems offer. Here are the current innovations to be checked out for VoIP.

Artificial Intelligence:

The exploration of the field of artificial intelligence is always quite interesting. This technology is not just about making robots more functional or enhancing the convenience of various mundane tasks, but it is also getting used in the systems of VoIP these days. Artificial intelligence is today assisting in the repairs of the network even before any issues can put a break on the communication channel.

Further, the technology can be used to enhance the applications of communication via the analysis of speech pattern in emails and voice. Thus, the use of business phones is about to get a completely new dimension with the help of artificial intelligence.

Expansion In Mobile Integration:

The integrated and embedded apps with the 5G technology have led to an increase in the need for enhanced unified communications and mobile integration. The VoIP trends offer content sharing, team collaboration, and meeting support in this regard. The system also enables continuity of calls and seamless transfer which is a great feature getting appreciated by the busy professionals out there. The use of VoIP business phone system has today become a necessity in several offices.

The Aging Infrastructure Is Getting Removed:

With innovations and features getting installed in the VoIP systems each day, the traditional communication systems are getting replaced more rapidly. The VoIP services are better accommodating the contemporary requirements of the business houses. The facilities of digital video, voice, and data sharing have become more reliable and fast.


It is a matter of fact that as you go on using latest technologies there are sophisticated ways available for hacking the systems as well. The VoIP systems are no exception to the rule. However, the security features available to protect your business phones include several tools like spam filtering, firewalls, monitoring of the web content, spyware and virus protection.

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How the VOIP Phone System Can Help Your Small Business?


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For any business, whether large, mid-size or small, having a reliable phone system is a pre-requisite. The traditional old phone systems are quite difficult for configuring and scaling up and down as per requirement of the business. On the other hand the ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)’ supports a wide range of call features and technologies and configuring it is not a big deal.

What are the Benefits of the VOIP Phone System?

  • Easy Upkeep, Installation, and Configuration: The IP Panasonic business phones can easily be configured, installed and maintained. Moreover, little technical knowledge is needed for the installation of such a business phone system. The software of the VOIP phone system enables in adding users on a daily basis and that too in an affordable way. For using the ‘VOIP’ phone system, installation of the software or hardware is not required but you have to purchase the Panasonic business phones.
  • Easy Scaling Up and Down: As it is difficult to determine the number of phones you would be requiring for a business initially, you need to invest in a phone system that is scalable. In the case of the ‘traditional’ phone system, you have to determine the number of ‘phone lines’ you would need for your organization accurately for avoiding overspending on many lines. The problem to a great extent is solved by the ‘VOIP phone’ system. With such a phone system, removing and adding lines is so easy.
  • Supports Wide Range of Technologies and Features: There is a host of advantages of upgrading to the ‘hosted VOIP’ phone system. In addition to the basic features of the traditional phones, the ‘VOIP’ phone system offers advanced features such as call hold, call transfer, call hunt, auto phone menus, follow me, conference calling etc. Therefore, by investing in the ‘hosted’ VOIP business phone systems in Vancouver, you would enjoy the basic and advanced call features. Moreover, the ‘hosted’ VOIP phone system even supports ‘IP faxing’. You can send and receive faxes with this phone system with your email account.
  • Affordable: The ‘traditional’ phone systems need expensive repairs, installations as well as upkeep. Whereas, the hosted ‘VOIP’ business phone systems in Surrey help to save in the cost of installation. The calls users make using this system are much cheaper. If your organization demands to make many international calls regularly, the ‘VOIP phone’ system is the best phone system to invest in. It helps in appreciably saving on the phone bills.

For effective installation of the ‘VOIP phone’ system, avail the services of Ansatel Communications Inc. It is a Canada-based esteemed telecommunications services provider that offer first-rate quality services like messaging solutions, wireless capability,  IP networking etc. Invest in our phone systems and you would be happy with your decision. For further inquiries, reach us at (604) 872-6500. We would be glad to help you to best of our ability.

The Benefits of Availing the Cloud-Based Communication Service for a Small Business


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Cloud computing is reshaping how small-sized organizations do their business. As a result, the cloud-based communication services is becoming a part of all types of organizations from the small, mid-sized to the large. Cloud computing not only lowers cost but it boosts organizational efficiency, helps in better collaboration, increases flexibility and integration. Thus more and more entrepreneurs of start-ups and other small companies are migrating to cloud. Let’s check out how cloud computing can prove to be beneficial for small organizations.

Reduced Cost

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs of small businesses are considering cloud-based communication services is because of increased savings for their business. Migrating to cloud-based business phone system in Vancouver means no expenditure on hardware. This means no expenditure on maintaining and upgrading hardware and other supportive costs. Moreover, there would be decreased IT requirements, power usage and rack space. This means great saving for the business which is absolutely necessary for the startups.

Greater Reliability

As the various components of the cloud-based business phone system in Surrey are not present in a specific location, the providers have a less amount of the service downtime due to the geographical redundancy. You should opt for a cloud-based services provider who offers zero redundancy.

Hosted Service

Most of the ‘cloud PBX’ providers offer hosted services. Such a provider would house all the hardware of the business phone system offsite. With a hosted cloud service, you would only need a working internet connection along with functioning IP phones. This means no dealing with mechanical malfunctions or expenditure on equipment maintenance. No headache of hiring IT staff to keep your system up and running perfectly. All these issues would be dealt with by your service provider offsite. Most of the VOIP cloud-based companies provide proficient customer support team who can answer your queries over phone or email.

For buying cloud-based VOIP or PBX systems, like business phone systems in Surrey, Ansatel communications Inc. is the best brand. We offer a score of services and products for communication such as the Panasonic business phones, PBX or IP VOIP services, voicemail systems etc. The IP VOIP service is a synthesis of PBX functions along with cutting-edge IP technology that enables advanced networking and messaging.


The Merits Associated with Cloud-Based Services


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The popularity of the cloud-based communication services is soaring high due to the scores of benefits they offer. Many businesses are making use of the cloud-based services for the convenience of managing servers, disaster recovery and cutting down on IT costs.

Why Should You Invest in the Cloud-Based Communication Services?

  • Enhanced Productivity: The cloud-based Panasonic business phones along with the collaboration tools make it easier to stay connected and share business information with other employees from anywhere and anytime. Such a business phone system gives you the freedom to arrange video conferences, initiate calls, launch voice, share documents, access corporate directories and use instant messaging anytime and from anywhere. This undeniably would boost employee productivity.
  • Commendable Customer Service: The cloud-based services give the opportunity of responding to the customers promptly. It enables employees to work 24/7 from anywhere. The intelligent call-routing feature helps in providing customers with the proper information by the right business employee. Cloud-based services enable the remote employees to be part of the business’s queue during peak call-handling times for reducing the customer wait times. Prompt response to the queries can help you to gain more customers and thereby help your business to prosper.
  • Profitable: By making use of the cloud-based Panasonic business phones in Surrey, you could add new features to your existing phone systems such as video conferencing, auto-attendant features and various advanced You could choose from a wide variety of endpoints as well as an automated callback at a cost-effective price. Moreover, you could use these facilities without spending a penny on the infrastructure. It is a wise decision to make since you can gain access to the adequate capabilities with just a monthly software licensing fee without having to spend on managing IT staff.
  • Deployment Flexibility: The cloud-based services would help you to scale up or down on the basis of your organizational requirement. You only need to buy the needed software licenses without paying more. The cloud-based communication services are beneficial especially for the small organizations.
  • Enhanced Communication: The cloud services help the employees of an organization to gain access to apps, phones, unified messaging, chats etc. from all kinds of devices. This enables in connecting with employees for a better conference and for resolving issues. Your customers may reach you at a specific phone number no matter what device you use.

For buying cloud-based VOIP or PBX systems, like business phone systems in Surrey, Ansatel communications Inc. is the best brand. We offer a score of services and products for communication such as the Panasonic business phones, PBX or IP VOIP services, voicemail systems etc. The IP VOIP service is a synthesis of PBX functions along with cutting-edge IP technology that enables advanced networking and messaging.

Why Should You Consider Choosing a VOIP Phone System for Your Business?


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Having a dependable phone system is the key requirement of any business. The proprietary older phone systems are expensive and difficult to scale up and down and configure. Whereas the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can be easily configured and supports a vast range of technologies and call features.

The Merits Associated with a VOIP Phone System

o   Supports Comprehensive Range of Features and Technologies: The advantage of upgrading to the hosted VOIP phone system is that it supports a wide array of technologies and call features. All the traditional call features are available in the VOIP phone systems such as call transfer, call hold, call hunt, follow me, auto phone menus, conference calling and much more. Thus, by investing in the hosted VOIP business phone system in Surrey, you can enjoy both the advanced features as well as the traditional call features. Even in the modern age of instant communication and email, the necessity for faxes crops up from time to time. The VOIP system supports IP faxing. Without toner and paper, you can receive and send faxes with the email account with your hosted VOIP phone system.

o   Cost-Effective: The traditional phone systems required expensive installations, repairs, and maintenance. On the other hand, the hosted VOIP phone systems save on the installation costs. The calls made by using this phone system are way less expensive. If your business requires making a huge number of international calls on a daily basis the VOIP phone system is the right one to invest in to save considerably on your phone bills.

o   Easy to Maintain, Configure and Install: The IP business phones are easy to maintain, install and configure. People with little technical expertise can install this VOIP phone system. The hosted software of VOIP helps in adding new users easily and in a cost-effective way. To use the VOIP phone system, you do not have to install any hardware or software, but you only have to buy the Panasonic business phones in Surrey.

o   Easily Scales According to Business Requirement: It is difficult to assess how many phones you would be requiring for your organization during the initial stages of starting your business. If you are using traditional phones for your business you need to assess the number of phone lines you would require for your business in order to avoid wasting money in too many lines. All these problems can be solved with a VOIP phone system. With Panasonic business phones in Surrey, you can add and remove phone lines according to your requirement. You do not unnecessarily have to pay for more than required phone lines.

For installing an effective VOIP phone system for your organization, get in touch with the Ansatel Communications Inc. Being a reputed Canada-based telecommunications services provider we offer top-notch quality services such as wireless capability, messaging solutions, IP networking etc. Invest in Panasonic business phones and see the difference. For more queries, call up (604) 872-6500. We are looking forward to helping you.

The Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a VOIP Phone System Vendor


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Due to the myriad benefits offered by the VOIP services such as cost-savings, ability to connect to multiple offices, enhanced telecommunication of the employees etc. many entrepreneurs are shifting from the traditional business phone system to the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services. Though there are a host of benefits offered by the VOIP infrastructure, you may be dissatisfied with the VOIP services if you choose the wrong vendor. Thus go through the following tips to avoid making the mistakes for choosing the wrong VOIP service provider.

Not Knowing the Basics of the VOIP Technology

The VOIP business phone system in Surrey is essential, but before deciding on your VOIP service provider acquire some knowledge of the VOIP Technology. You do not have to be an expert of the VOIP Technology but certain basic knowledge would help you in choosing the right service provider. Knowing the basics of the VOIP Technology would help you in avoiding the pitfalls a service provider may hide from you.

Ignoring the Hidden Charges

Many of the services providers try to lure customers with attractive budget packages but do not fall into the trap as the packages may have hidden prices and you would be fooled into paying much more than you have initially decided. Thus before investing in business phone systems in Surrey you should ask for the breakup of the cost from the service provider and know about any hidden charges like fees for support, license, usage etc. Make sure the VOIP service provider includes the long distance as well as the local calls in the unlimited calling package.

Selecting a New Entrant in the VOIP Industry

Be careful while choosing a new VOIP service provider as they may use you as their test subject. An established vendor is always preferable to a new entrant in the field as a reputed vendor is expected to know the trade well and would provide you with a system that runs optimally. Thus research thoroughly before choosing your VOIP service provider and get uninterrupted high-quality service needed for your business to run smoothly.

Not Enquiring About the Bandwidth

When you decide to install a VOIP business phone system, consider the bandwidth for effectively using the VOIP system. If you have to transmit a huge amount of data and voice over the Internet you need to have sufficient bandwidth, or otherwise, you would face problems with the data transmission. Thus it is advised to take the feedback from past clients on a specific service provider you are interested in availing services from.

If you are interested in installing the VOIP system, contact Ansatel Communications Inc. We are a Canada-based communications services provider. We provide top-grade quality communications services of high speed and clarity such as advanced messaging solutions, wireless capability, IP networking etc. Call us up (604) 872-6500 and we would help you at the earliest.

Features to Look For in a Business Phone System to Boost Business Growth


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Effective communication plays an important role in the growth and development of a business. The success of an organization depends on the positive relationships with the coworkers, partners, and clients. As a result, it is important to invest in a proper business phone system. To buy a phone system for your company you need to look into an array of factors such as follows.

  • Customization:

This is an important consideration while investing in business phone systems in Surrey. Customization of business phones is important like call routing, greetings to meet the requirements of an organization. A VOIP solution helps in changing the greeting through a virtual reception. Whereas, incorporating changes in an on-premise phone system need a lot of execution and planning and all vendors do not offer the possibility of the addition of new branches for small businesses. Thus, VOIP solution proves to be ideal for the small organizations.

  • User-Friendly:

A user-oriented phone system facilitates the ease of communication. Thus, you need to have a phone system that your workforce can easily operate and they do not have to refer to a user manual every now and then.

  • Advanced Features:

The success of your organization depends on a large extent to an effective phone system. Thus make sure your business phone has leading-edge features like call recording,  outlook integration, call queues,  call routing, call-importance and call-text notifications, ‘live employee’ presence and much more.

  • Seamless Communication through Single Device:

Most employees these days are mobile savvy. For all your business-related work, such as managing the sales meetings, attending an industry conference or to help your workers work from their home, you need an effective business phone system that is equipped with the digital voicemail, VOIP, and the call forwarding features.

The cloud-based or VOIP business phone system in Surrey enables routing your phone service through workers computers. To this, you can integrate the desk phone and organization provided mobile phone services for a seamless communication with your employees by means of only one device.

  • Deployment Cost:

Both VOIP systems, as well as landline traditional system, requires data storage or equipment. Both have its share of merits and demerits and you have to consider each before deciding on your phone system.

The on-premise system needs a high upfront cost, that includes employee training, installing system and for maintenance and IT support. Thus, it is ideal for only a large organization with a good support service team. For a small organization, the VOIP system is feasible as it incurs a low upfront cost. The only cost is purchasing IP phones for the workers.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is a Canada-based leading provider of the communications services. We offer top-notch quality Panasonic Business Phones in Surrey as well as integrated data solutions and converged voice and you can choose according to your budget and technology requirement. Contact us at (604) 872-6500for further queries. We are looking forward to helping you promptly.


What Should You Know Before Getting a Business Phone System?


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Technological upgrades are taking place as you are reading this sentence. In this fast-moving world, it is important for you to keep your business up to speed with the changes that take place. When it comes to getting a new business phone system or updating the existing one, you must know what you are getting into before investing. The business phone system must be big enough to interconnect your whole business premise and capable of handling the volume of calls that comes in goes out.

Here are the three basic phone systems suitable for a business place. Each of them can get outsourced for handling and switch to a cloud-based host.

  1. Voice Over Internet Protocol

This system is the latest in the telephone industry for businesses. Large businesses that require high-quality, fast and long distance calls opt for this system. The VoIP system allows the caller and receiver to communicate across countries at cheaper rates than the earlier business phones. This enables owners of multinational businesses to connect with employees all over the world.

A business can leave the task of hosting the main system to the service provider and save costs of installation and maintenance.

  1. Private Branch Exchange

It is the best system for those businesses places that employ a large number of employees at one place and has to deal with thousands of clients each day. It allows automatic routing of all incoming calls and this makes communication within large firms easier and faster. It also comes with a UPS that allows the business to function for a long time in the event of a power-cut.

A hosted PBX system frees the business from the job of handling the switch devices. Even when the system is maintained by the connection provider, the business retains all the features that this business phone system has to offer.

  1. Key System Unit

The most basic of all the business phone system is the Key System Unit. It is enough for small businesses where employees work as phone operators. The number of phone lines that it a can incorporate is low so there are fewer connections through this system than the previous ones. However, it is easy to set up and use as it is very similar to a home telephone system.

The variation that a business can opt-in this system is the wireless KSU system. This has the capabilities of the wired line and adds the features of flexibility and portability. However, it is limited in terms of the number of operators who can use it.

As a business owner, you want to keep in touch with your employees and your clients all the time. At Ansatel Communications, we help you to get the best business phone system in Vancouver. Our Panasonic business phones are top-notch and get you online faster tha