How to Find that VoIP Business Phone System Has Been Hacked?


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What are the primary signs to identify that the connectivity of business phones and details is in hackers’ hands? The VoIP system is the basic standard for business ease of communication. It is of vital importance as more businesses are turning to operate remotely. On the one hand, it offers a plethora of benefits, and on the other, it should follow high-security measures to ensure end-to-end encryption of business communications. A well-integrated solution can help business systems from hacking systems and maintain smooth communication when operating remotely.

Is There Irregular Call History?

When checking call history, the business phone signals to check virus attacks and maintain a secured communication system. Do not overlook any unusual call from an unknown source. Check the bill details with the number and try to locate where the number is coming from. If still not able to find and track the number source, try to install a high-end communication system. The latest business phone systems have a geo limit facility that can restrict the area you can receive calls. 

Don’t Pay Attention to Antivirus Notifications 

If there is any fake antivirus notification on the system when using the VoIP system, it is a clear indication of hackers trying to get access to the system. Once you notice such things, try to get in touch with VoIP services and ask the system authorities to take charge of it. The main task is to try and reach out to the source and obstruct it.

However, you can invest in the latest Panasonic business phones with better protection to work with and prevent threats. If the service provider has expertise in the field, it can handle the hacking cases better. Try not to neglect any signals you get of hacking, as it can ruin the whole system. So, once you get the signal, connect with the service provider for better assistance and coverage and protect the business’s communication system.

Do You Notice Sudden Change in Telephone Bills?

Yes, this can be another signal to check the protection of the business phone systems in Vancouver. If there is no apparent reason for it, check for unauthorized use and protect the system at the earliest. It should prevent hackers from getting access to the communication system. This is where you should seek assistance from a reliable team in the field. The team should use the latest technology mechanisms and encryption for better and seamless service in the future. It can also reduce the chance of hacking in the future.

Invest for a Reliable VoIP System for Business Prevent the chance of hacking attacks using reliable assistance from business phone systems solutions in Vancouver. It is none other than Ansatel to help you guide how to get rid of hacking problems in the future. Our communication system is to offer a suitable and professional solution for businesses, no matter what its size is and where it operates. No matter what location your business operates from, try to maintain encryption of the business phone system accurately.

How an Upgraded Phone System Helps Business Handling in Remote System?


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The continuing of the remote working system encourages smart working in remote systems or working from home. As the remote mode continues for an uncertain period, communicating right with clients and the team is non-negotiable. It requires using an effective business phone system that runs on cloud networking. Once you upgrade and shift to this phone system, you are sure to enjoy a plethora of benefits in your business.

Phone System is Fast to Operate

The entire business phone system will operate digitally without any app or mobile device, which is important for remote working. There is no need for physical lines or IT assistance, and therefore, the administrative team can deploy the connectivity fast. It would help give quick responses to clients and thus, maintain a user-friendly dashboard for the company.

This is how business phone systems in Vancouver have become a popular choice to include in business. It enables an easy call routing option on its intuitive interface. You can include exciting and new members with just a touch of a button. The convenience and fast accessibility make it one of the best options to invest in and enjoy its benefits for the organization’s good.

Use Own Device but Not Data or Number  

The ease of business continuity and flexibility depends on how professionally one can handle it remotely. This is possible by introducing the latest VoIP business phones system. Do not let business and personal calls mix, and this is where you can use the device without the need for your number of data.

Having to work on a centralized system is important for proper risk management of your business in remote work mode. Here, the personal and calling plan for employees list would be different and easy to function separately. This is an excellent option for administrators, and it becomes easy for them to handle overall costs and reduce them effectively.

Continuous Commination Even Remotely

Even when operating business remotely, communication systems should not be hindered. This is how the latest VoIP business phones are the best to include and let one maintain stable communication, no matter what location the business is operating from.

At times of stress, communication is the last resort that makes things go smoothly. Don’t let others jump to negative conclusions by repeating unattended calls at business. There is a big chance of this in remote business, but you can eliminate it by introducing the latest business phone systems in Vancouver.

Team and Phone Numbers Operate Independent of Location

The 20th-century landline phones imply the physical location of a business setup. But this is not the case with the latest Panasonic business phones with VoIP systems that can operate with team and number no matter what the location is. This is beneficial if you wish to run a business in remote mode. You can request for VoIP number anywhere in the world.

Having a local phone number makes it easy for a business. When searching for an efficient team to get suitable service, it is Ansatel Communications. It can offer the best Panasonic business phones to efficiently work with your remote business team.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Business Phone System?


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Business success does not come easy. For that, you need to put in continuous effort and be ahead of the game. Innovation is the key and you need to stay abreast with all advancements taking place in this rapidly updating technological world. It is important to upgrade your business phone system as per the changing needs.  This will not just help you save money but will also infuse a lot of efficiency in working. 

Mentioned below are some reasons that you should bear in mind to upgrade your business phone system:

  • Pay Heed To Ownership Cost

It is important to ascertain what you pay annually for your phone bill. Now if your phone bill is exceeding way beyond your budget, you must consider trying out new options and buying a budget-friendly business phones.

Go for a new phone if you feel that the old one is outdated and is costing you way more. A business phone is a good investment and that also for the long run. So, even if initial costs seem a little high, you must take the plunge bearing in mind the growth prospects of your business. Just make sure that the difference is not way above your reach.

  • Employee Productivity And Efficiency

Sometimes the old phone system might hamper the productivity and efficacy of your employees. If the employees are wasting a lot of time in useless pursuits, it is high time you upgrade your systems and move to a better business phone. Smooth working is any day more important. So, take a chart of how the work is being done and then decide whether a new business phone is needed or not.

  • What are the Competitors Doing?

You must never ignore what the competitors are doing. There are several business phone systems in Vancouver and you need to choose the one that optimizes your needs and budget. There is nothing as one size that fits all. Analyze your needs and then plan what you want for your business.

  • Think about Scalability

When you have plans to expand your company in near future, it is ideal to think about superior business phone systems. Go for business phones that are apt for your company size and the number of people that work with you. So, in case you are in for expansion in the future, then it is important to take a plunge when you have time in hand.

In many cases, it has been seen that the company is battling with the current load, and the need of the hour is upgrading the system

With Ansatel Communications, it is very easy and convenient to upgrade your current business phones systems. They provide you with wonderful solutions according to your needs, budget and requirements. They offer a wide variety of the latest and the most high-tech business phone systems to pick up from. Get in touch with them for a quote. You are sure to get full transparency of operations as well as complete details about cost calculations. They help out every client according to what is required by them.

Is It An Intelligent Decision To Invest In Cloud Business Phone Systems In Vancouver?


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Establishing a business is no joke. You need to strategize wisely to communicate directly with your customers to create a long-lasting bond. The more you get close to your customers, the better you get at expanding your business.

One of the easiest ways to create this bond with your audience is through direct communication. And it gets easier with the internet and phones. But, of course, you cannot overlook the impact of the internet on your sales or even basic business communication. But you aren’t yet sure about investing in business phones.

So, here are some of the reasonable points to consider that makes investing in cloud phone systems a wise business decision:

Let’s Talk About Money

Yes, the first and primary reason you need to invest in any such system is for money. Saving resources has always been one of your priorities, and so, you need to think about those long and expensive phone calls. You no longer have to bear such expenses as VoIP systems are cheap and economical.

Well, the fundamental way to boost your sales is to control the initial costs in your business. And what else can be the best solution when a business phone can help you connect without any hefty investments?

You can select your packages and even eliminate the need for deployments or handling any separate network. Thus, it can potentially lower operational costs as well as the workforce.

More Profits With Fewer Maintenance Charges

Since you are keen to boost your sales, here is another reason why you need a VoIP system. It requires minimal maintenance as you get to use cloud hosting. As the entire system is online, you do not have to repair or maintain the system. Your vendor will be responsible for the same, so get ready to buy and forget, depending on your business requirements.

Mobility Matters

Given the current scenario, your employees might require access to the business phones from their homes. And you do not have to worry about such conditions as the Panasonic business phones allow you to be on the move.

Since these phone systems work through the internet connection, it allows your employees to connect with audiences anywhere. Moreover, flexibility and enhanced accessibility make it easier for both parties to communicate, enhancing work efficiency.

No More Limiting Your Scalability

Scale your workforce with the business phone systems as you can get easy extensions and seats to hire new professionals. All you might have to do is contact your vendor, and you will be set to expand your business without any worries. No more worrying about the equipment or its installation, as you have proper experts to take care of it.

All In All

Do you need more reasons to use business phone systems? Or do you wish to find the best sellers for business phone systems in Vancouver?

If you need to find a reliable seller, look no beyond Ansatel Communications Inc. We are a well-known brand that has emerged to be the leading converged communications service provider in Canada.

Our company is known for combining its data and voice solutions to cater to clients’ requirements appropriately. Whether it’s a security system or VoIP, you can find premium services at affordable rates here. Check out our website now to know more about our company’s achievements.

Why Must Small Businesses Focus on VoIP Connection?


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Every business needs proper communication. There are some major misconceptions that only enterprises need VoIP, whereas the truth is different. There are several advantages of VoIP that make it an ideal choice for small businesses. Business phones are a necessity for organizations.

With VoIP, users can receive and make calls. The entire process runs by making use of the broadband internet connection. This unique technology has the ability to convert sound into digital packets. It is then transferred through the internet, just like it happens with an email.

Great Call Quality:

This is a new technology that has evolved in a way that when a person calls, you will not be able to find any difference. They might think that you are using the traditional landline. However, there is no denying that this new technology has surpassed the conventional process as well. When it comes to calling quality, VoIP is way better.

Therefore, unlike some bad days when you have to struggle to understand your clients, it can be eliminated with a business phone system. With better client communication, you can meet their needs which allow you to expand.

Multifunctional Platform:

The best part of this system is that you can do a lot more than just receiving and making calls. Since technology is constantly evolving, VoIP has integrated many more features. This has become a lot beneficial for businesses. Some of the features include receiving voicemail, faxes, video conferencing, instant messaging and much more.

Hence, now you can do instant video conferencing with your client to discuss the project. With this modern communication system, small businesses have more room for growth.

A Secure Platform:

If you compare it with the traditional telephone connection, no doubt that VoIP is way more secure. Since businesses have some protocols and want to keep things confidential, a tight security system is needed. With The modern business phone system, the encryption protocols are far better. This enables data security which is not possible in a regular connection.


One of the best things about the modern connection is its unmatched portability. Till you have an internet connection, you will be able to use the VoIP system everywhere. You will be able to make and also receive calls from any device, which includes your Smartphone. This ensures that you can always maintain communication with your clients across the world.

Call Recording Service:

Since in businesses, everything needs to be recorded, a recording service would always become helpful. It is only with the VoIP business phone system; you will be able to record the voice. You can play it back later and jot down the critical points asked by your clients. You can even view the call log later to get information.

Bottom Line: Now that you have got a complete knowledge of the VoIP phone system, are you looking for business phone systems in Vancouver? Ansatel Communications Inc., we can make sure to offer the best business phones. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we aim to deliver the finest quality products that can suffice your requirements.

Have a look at our website to find more products and their details.

Difference between Cloud Phone System and VoIP Business Phone System

Many people are of an opinion that business phone systems and cloud phone systems are the same. However, this is not true. Even though both business phone systems in Vancouver and cloud phone systems lead to the diminishing of the total cost of ownership, they are not at all equal.

Both the phone systems differ hugely when the question of functionality crops up. A business phone system is essentially an automated answering machine. It does the task of directing a call. The hosted business phone system is akin to a full-fledged phone system.

Several factors need to be considered before you make your mind as to which is the most suitable phone solution for your business. Each system has its own benefits and weaknesses so before you decide what you desire, it is vital to ascertain your business needs as well as requirements.

Things Required For Successful Running of a Business

1. Phone solution that is specifically designed for both small and medium-sized business
2. Parallel features and collaboration tools that can be accessed by all the users;
3. No need to use the desk phone;
4. Saving of time as well as resources concerning phone hardware management;
5. Getting rid of any extra hardware costs;
6. High scalability of the system;
7. The phone system should be able to handle all kinds of users;
8. The business phone system should bolster and help your business grow.

Why Businesses opt for hosted business phones?

There are many reasons why businesses shift existing phone systems to cloud phone systems or hosted business phone systems in Surrey. Some of the reasons are stated below:

1. Hosted business phone systems are very affordable and suit the organization size of most enterprises.
2. There is no requirement to sacrifice features or flexibility. A cloud-based phone system will give you business-class features such as unified messaging, call forwarding, call hold, three-way conferences, follow me, auto attendant, and many such things.
3. It helps to save time and reduces total cost of ownership.
4. There are hardly any upfront hardware costs involved.

5. These phone systems are made to present high scalability in mind without any increase in cost per user

6. They are completely compatible and bolster all types of users such as Office Manager, System Administrator, Receptionist, and Mobile Worker.

For superior quality business phone systems, get in touch with Ansatel Communications Inc. We offer the best and the most popular business phone systems in Vancouver.

We have a wide range of products such as IP phones, digital phones, multi-cell wireless phones, and even wonderful business phone accessories. We present you with the best quality products at competitive prices. Please check out the website if you want to get more details about our products and services.

Benefits of Using the Business Phone System

Companies can handle their calls in a more effective manner when using a business phone system. The business phone system uses numerous lines and numerous phones that are interconnected in a network. This enables better connectivity and lessens congestion. Alongside all fundamental call management features, the business phone system allows unified communication that comprises video, chat, and phone forms of communications. This assists a business to function out of various geographical locations. This also supplements the customer experience.

There are three types of business phone systems, Private Branch Exchange aka PBX, Key System Units aka KSU, and Voice over Internet Protocol, aka VoIP. If you are looking for business phone systems in Vancouver, here are some pointers you should consider.

Sharing Phone Lines

In the system of a non-phone environment, for an employee to enter a specific phone line, the line needs to be ended on that person’s phone. If a company desires to have a different phone number for every other employee, they will need to have a particular phone line and jacks installed for every employee. This can end up being highly costly to several businesses, and for some, it can be even unaffordable.

Regardless, using a business phone system enables employees to share a single phone line. This system allows access to every phone set and phone line and allows a separate phone extension for each employee. A PRI system of 23-channels is more than enough for a small or medium-sized office.

Four-Digit or Abbreviated Dialing

Employees in offices with a non-phone system communicate with each other using sneaker net or shouts. If an employee needs to talk to another, they would need to raise their voice or need to walk all the way over to the other person’s desk. But offices that use business phones, employees there can pick up their receiver, dial three or four numbers, and reach the other employee, even if they are in another state or out of the area. This also helps decrease their long-distance costs as an intracompany calling are carried out via their internal network.

Merged Communication

Merged communication is yet another significant advantage of this phone system. It supplies a combined user interface for all communication forms, which includes instant messaging, voice calling, data sharing, video conferencing and presence. This is an efficient way to reduce the monthly recurring fees of a phone company. An employee can obtain access to another if the other person is accessible by phone. If not, they can send a direct message for urgent communication. Employees can also share screens with other clients and employees and collaborate efficiently.

A minor business with a few phone lines may have to pay over one hundred dollars for voice messaging per month from local phone companies. Panasonic business phones provide the same functions while reducing the monthly expenditure.

Ansatel Communications Inc. provides businesses with business phone systems. Our company has some of the best services. If you are looking for a reliable source of getting business phone services, we are your ideal choice.

Ways to Cut on Business Costs with the help of Correct VoIP Phone System


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One reason to opt for the VoIP phone system over the traditional one is that it helps cut costs. If you run a business, you must be searching for ways to cut on potential expenses for the good of your business. You can opt-out for the VoIP phone system, an effective upgrade for your business that helps ease communication. How to do it?

If you are planning for a switch from the old hone system over to a VoIP system, it will be easy on your pockets. The cloud phone system helps in doing a confidential talk with clients over the business phone system, unlike the traditional options. Let us take you through some of the surprising things businesses can do with the latest phone system.

Can you Make Calls without a Phone?

Sound hassle-free and interesting, right? Yes, making calls have become hassle-free these days, and it just takes few clicks to connect with your potential clients. You no more need to take the phone receiver and wait for seconds and minutes to get a connection.

This is how the latest call connecting machine and VoIP phone system supports the business to do. The latest technology brings in easy connectivity of business phones, tablets, laptops, and smartphones to connect using the VoIP system.

Do you want to make a Local Presence with Business?

Making international calls with traditional phone systems is becoming expensive day by day. With the introduction of VoIP business phones, it has become an easy one. Moreover, it helps your business get a local business number irrespective of clients’ location. A little upgrade of the business phone can make a difference for the good of your company.  

Can you Make Unlimited Calls?

Yes, there is no limit to making calls via this latest VoIP phone system as the call can connect easily from one point to another via the web. Technical advancement makes it easy to connect calls over a cloud system without the use of phone receivers. The quality of the call is good enough with a pocket-friendly price rate. So, whichever communication service provider you approach, make sure they do not overcharge.

Wrapping it up   

When searching for the best communication service, it is better to approach the experts at Ansatel Communications Inc. With years of expertise in the field, they can deliver suitable service with the correct use of technology in budget-friendly ways. The seamless implementation of technology and ways to communicate with clients is what this communication team offers. This can be a suitable option when looking for reliable business phone systems in Vancouver.

Get in touch with the communication assistant team now and book for quick installation of the phone system. When in doubt about service, packages, and productivity benefits, you can get the solutions better from our experts. For your business’s high performance and connectivity, upgrading to this latest technology phone system would be beneficial for your business. 

Reasons Why VoIP Business Phone System is Required


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Communication is the base of any organization. A successful business requires providing a business phone to your employees. Whether it is a small or large organization; all companies need VoIP business phones. It enables you to maintain proper communication and conserve the resources of the company

It is not an easy task to choose the right vendor for a VoIP business phone.  Mentioned below are some reasons why Business Phone is needed:

  1. Mobile Employee– Some people in a company have a mobile job. They might have to travel across cities. This necessities requirement of a mobile device. This will help them carry on their work efficiently and without any hindrance. Business phones lead to increased accessibility. They even bolster multitasking by employees.
  2. Features for large and small teams– Business phones have some amazing features that help both big and small teams. Features such as call transfer, auto-attendant are a huge help. Business phones even facilitate one-person operation so that there is an impression of a huge Company. A conference calling feature is also offered. This is the best thing.
  3. Tech Support– The tech support department needs expert information from other employees that are present in the organization. They might also have to communicate on regular basis with experts that are present outside the company. When they are at the premises of the clients they offer support and when there is a business phone things become extremely easy. Business phones help to set up contact with the right resource immediately. They offer real-time interactions via Skype, Go To Meeting, and so many other online meeting capabilities. The tech support employee plays a pivotal role in offering customer support.
  4. Flexibility– Business phones leads to a lot of flexibility. They clear the desk space so that you can do so many other things. They minimize the need for any additional equipment. These additional pieces of equipment can be a drain on financial resources. So, for a constantly linked workforce, there is a need for a business phone. Also as these phones are portable it facilitates a remote working style. Most of the companies these days have a business phone in Vancouver as they offer multiple benefits.

So, these are some of the reasons why business phones are needed. Only buy your business phone only from a reliable vendor after going through the reviews posted on the web.  Do not decide in haste otherwise, you might have to repent later on. For the best quality and superb business phones, you have to get in touch with Ansatel Communications. They offer the widest range of the best and most up to date business phone systems. Make a choice and you will get a value for money proposition. There are no hidden charges involved and cost calculations are done with utmost transparency. They are always ready to help you with whatever you need.

VoIP Phone Systems for Large Businesses

Selecting a VoIP phone system for your large business enterprise with more than 150 employees can be tricky. You may want a complete communication solution and not just any other business phone system. An effective system that can handle the vast needs of your large enterprise. You may require a UC system that can assist the handling of multiple offices or sites and also help in remote connectivity.

The Advantages of VoIP Phone System for Large Enterprises

  • Quick Mobility

Assisting and providing support to remote workers with computing and softphone App for varied devices that involve Android, iPhones, Windows, or Mac can be made easy through a VoIP business phone system. The mobile workforce is an important aspect of any large organization. Even on-road or traveling, your employees can use all the advanced features such as call control panel and switchboard.

  • Redundant Power Supply

You can connect your computers using two to three physical power supply units to provide a redundant power supply. Every power supply unit will have the single-handed capacity to run the device in case the other units go down. The mega VoIP phone system appliances do have ample redundant power supplies plus hard disk monitor features to keep all your electronic systems running with negligible downtime. For all your urgent and critical business-related work, you can add a spare redundant appliance to keep your systems working continuously.

  • Value for Money

The VoIP phone system with its complete set of features is the perfect choice for large businesses. It is equipped with unified communication features and a simple user interface. Getting a good system at a competitive price can be challenging. Systems such as Panasonic business phones can give you the added advantage of a fixed pricing model as included in the base price.

  • Advanced Connectivity or Peering

Smart VoIP systems can help you identify the status of the employees whether they are available within the office or even out of the country. This way, with the shared status info, you will know who is available for further action with advanced peering.

  • Virtual Technology

Large companies have mega IT infrastructures that include numerous servers and various equipment for the staff needed for operating the business. Every technology such as mobility, voicemail, file storage, and many more can require separate servers. It may add up to a huge investment amount to be set aside just for in-house IT hardware and on-site maintenance. 

Maintenance cost, increased demand for man-power, need for storage facilities, and other complex system requirements can be some of the issues that arise when companies store a huge load of IT hardware. Virtualization provides an easy solution to all such issues. When the company incorporates virtualization software, all appliances and technologies can share a combined server connected via the software.

Whatever the size of your business, communication is crucial to withstand the competitive market. For superior technological business phone systems in Vancouver, Ansatel Communications INC offers customized perfect solutions for every client according to their technological requirements. We can thus help create power-packed communication solutions that are much advanced as compared to traditional phones.