Are VoIP Phone Systems Safe? How to Ensure Safety Standards?

A VoIP business phone is very handy because you have one comprehensive calling system for your entire office. When a group of professionals with different priorities is working under one roof, it is important to have an effective solution. Communication is very important whether you are planning to upscale your business or trying to improve the business process. So, you need to save both time and cost when it comes to business calls or conferences.

With a VoIP office phone, you can do it, and you do not need a big lot of registered mobile numbers. You will get a calling facility over the internet, and all you need is a stable connection. However, as your business expands, you might worry about security issues related to business calls. Since the network is common, and that took over the internet, you might wonder if it is at all safe. Here are some questions that you might be thinking of:

Is VoIP Calling Completely Safe?

Yes, VoIP business phones are safe because they depend on your IT infrastructure. When you scale your business, you have to focus on your IT infrastructure because you need to secure your business processes. For that, you need to check your IT integrity and also speak with your VoIP phone dealers about the in-built security system. All office internet network is usually protected and safe, so there is nothing to worry about.

Can Someone Hack Your Calling System?

Business phone systems in Vancouver are not easy to hack because the hacker will need to have many details and multiple levels of access. If a hacker is trying to listen to your phone calls, then they will need more than a simple password. In fact, that is a very serious event, and it is very less likely to happen. But remember to keep your systems secure so that nobody can infiltrate them easily.

Choose Encryption for a Better Service

Encryption is powerful and instrumental in protecting data. You are more prone to hacking if you access data or calls over an unencrypted network. At the same time, someone else can benefit from your investment if your network is not secure. So, do not open your network for breaching; use a safe server for your business phone.

Always Educate Your Team Members

If you have a team, you must educate them regarding the security system and how to handle the infrastructure. Always ensure that you give proper training about using business phones and making sure that everyone is in alignment. Also, if you have remote workers who need to access the company phone system, it can be an added headache unless you are aware of how it works.

To Sum It Up

Always have a detailed conversation with your service providers without finalizing things. Ansatel Communications Inc. has the best business phone systems in Vancouver. You can check the NEC VoIP and PBX phone systems. We will be happy to guide to with your purchase and clear all queries.

Why Choose VoIP Phones Over Mobile Phones For Business Communication?

Many new ideas have been set into the market with the changing business landscape to help scale and build businesses. Scaling or building a business is not possible without two things. One is communication, and the other is the infrastructure. However, contrary to popular belief, infrastructure does not mean necessarily mean building huge offices. 

It can be the smallest yet most helpful thing, like the business phone. But one might wonder that in the age of mobile phones, why will you pick something else? Well, firstly, it is for commercial use and not personal use, and secondly, it is mainly for group calls. 

Two Issues You Can Solve With Office Phones

Using mobile phones for official work is against work ethics. Moreover, it can also lead to burnout if you have to carry your office in your pocket. So every time you open the mobile phone, you see a call from the office. Instead, opt for business phones where you can clearly demarcate the personal and professional space. 

Secondly, overusing your mobile often leads to disturbances in the gadget. Your phone hangs frequently and heats up too often, and it can hinder work. But not if you use VoIP office phones for communication. Similarly, you will not have to experience network issues once you shift to VoIP.

What Is The USP of VoIP Phones When Compared With Mobiles?

Mobile phones are indeed very useful and handy, but you need a sim connected to the local network to make a call. It would be best if you had the sim in the device for it to function. So you might be able to make a call from anywhere you want, but you need the network and the device.

This means it hampers communication if you experience network disturbance or sim-related issues. But VoIP business phone systems in Vancouver use the internet for communication. Once the phone system connects to the internet, it will become functional.

So you just need the connection, and you can easily make the call. Since it is for official purposes, you will get other features that a mobile phone cannot provide. 

What Added Features Will You Get?

3 Way Calling

With VoIP office phones, you can connect with more than one person efficiently and effectively. You can call them at once, and that is where you get the edge.

Better Voicemail

The improved voicemail feature allows you to check the messages online; you can check them anywhere you want. Cloud storage allows you to store the mail, and email options will enable you to forward it wherever you want. 

Advanced Features

There are advanced features like ‘Follow Me’ or ‘Fine Me’ where you can transfer the calls anywhere, in case you are not inside the office. Buy a modern office phone system from Ansatel Communications Inc. today if you want the best features.

We have NEC VoIP and PBX phone systems and a wide range of options to choose from. Contact us for queries and consultation.

Guide To The Best PBX in House Phone System For Your Business

As your company evolves from a small business to a large corporation with staff, you must provide your employees with phone access. You will have to become familiar with PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems in order to achieve this. Additionally, you would require the actual room in the business, such as a server room or closet, to install the PBX system. We need first to discuss the overall business phone system better to understand the capabilities and advantages of a commercial-grade PBX.

Benefits of the Best PBX System for Businesses

It’s not often that businesses desire to install their phone system expressly. They must see some benefit in switching to cloud-based business phones service. Businesses of all sizes appreciate PBX’s outstanding features. Here are the main explanations for why companies employ PBXs:

  • Manage and complete calls following a set schedule. You can choose the “divide” approach and create your rules in the PBX network tree. Operators may restrict or permit international calling as necessary to save money
  • Among users and divisions, calls can be transferred with ease. Establish and maintain connections without skipping calls. Calls can be transferred efficiently using both cold and warm transfers. Either way, phone transfers are consistently possible
  • Recorded greetings can be personalized with your company’s preferred music. This feature is an ideal approach to alert customers of a problem with a product or service
  • Run a call center to aid you in managing a sales team or consumer service division. A PBX could have to put calls in a backlog based on technical constraints. A cloud-based PBX can handle and direct more calls to the appropriate people or teams
  • In order to connect many office locations to a single business phone system and allow employees to speak with one another. Instead of managing numerous business phones, you would use a PBX in order to control the call routing

What Is The Best Phone System For Businesses?

The top business phone systems in Vancouver guarantee quick and safe communication. The finest system will enable you to match your clients with precisely the proper parties so that they receive answers to any issues they could have. Dealers of NEC business phones can work with you to understand your unique company requirements and offer specialized solutions.

The SL2100

You want to be flexible? This phone possesses it. This system is highly interoperable and interacts with both IP and digital networks, making it the practical option for forward-thinking small- to medium-sized organizations. It’s a flexible solution for organizations that want to grow, with five call-handling options for each line, extensions that work with smartphones, presence indicators, and WebRTC video conferencing.

The Univerge SV9100

The SV9100 provides a reliable communications server, a must for any digital business phone system. This concise piece of equipment delivers a complete suite of Contact Center solutions & Unified Communications. It supports a vast array of mobility software and devices while enabling you to control and manage your phone system from a single location. The SV9100 is dependable and scalable, ready to expand with you whenever you need to improve your network.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of business phone systems in Vancouver. We can evaluate your communication requirements and offer the finest solutions. To select the best phone system for your company, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and friendly NEC phone system support specialists or explore our phone system catalog.

The Signs That Your Business Should Upgrade To A VoIP Solution

Business communication technology has grown at a rapid pace in recent years, making it easier than ever for coworkers and clients to keep in touch. A reliable VoIP business phone solution is crucial for staying profitable in the modern business sector. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses discover that their current solutions are ineffective or out of date. You should upgrade your VoIP system if you face any of the following.

Your Business Is Expanding

It may be time to upgrade if your company has expanded since you initially installed your current communication system. When it comes to scalability, older systems offer much less flexibility. Setups the old-fashioned way, for example, demand costly hardware and extra wire, which is neither fast nor efficient.

The effectiveness of your communication system must, therefore, always be evaluated, both now and, if possible, in the near future. Most business owners nowadays choose VoIP-powered systems because they allow them to easily add new business phone lines and provide outstanding flexibility and scalability.

Your Phone System Is Too Costly

Do you have a high and unpredictable phone bill? Perhaps it’s time for a change. With older phone systems, you often have to pay to add more phone lines, make international calls, and do maintenance. You can save money by switching from conventional phone systems to alternatives like VoIP. Installing a VoIP business phone system, on the other hand, can often come with a slew of cost-cutting advantages, such as:

  • Installing pricey wiring is avoided by using the existing bandwidth
  • An intuitive dashboard can be used to control phone systems internally and for no additional expense
  • Local calls are typically cost-free, while international calls frequently cost very little and have a variety of providers to select from
  • Since it doesn’t need specific hardware and can be managed internally with a single click, adding a new phone line is typically less expensive and simpler

Your Company Wants More Phone Functionality & Features

Does your company feel restricted by the phone’s present capabilities? It is a signal to think about updating your system. VoIP business phone systems in Vancouver can support conference calls, teleconferences, and other add-on functions without any issues. VoIP is a technology that your company can use for services like:

  • Routing calls automatically
  • Forwarding calls
  • Call to alert
  • Rejection of anonymous calls
  • Auto attendants
  • Sending texts for business
  • Video conferences

VoIP enables you to place calls to computers, landlines, and mobile devices over the internet from any location with an internet connection.

Your Call Reliability And Quality Are Decreasing

A call that drops or becomes choppy is one of the quickest ways to appear unprofessional in a customer’s eyes. Poor audio quality will make you need to repeat yourself or ask the caller to cope with a noisy environment and conduct ineffective conference call meetings. It’s time to update to a VoIP service if this is the case.

HD voice codecs, which compress and decompress sound for quick transmission over the internet, enable high-quality VoIP calls. VoIP business phones, as well as softphone programs, enable this technology to operate without a hassle. VoIP voice quality improvements will give you the impression that you and your caller are in the same room.

Don’t let an outdated phone system restrict progress because being current with technology is crucial for business success! Ansatel Communications Inc. provides VoIP solutions as well as other cloud services to organizations wishing to enhance their network. Now is the time to switch to VoIP business phone systems in Vancouver and get the many benefits available.

Understanding Voice Over Internet Protocol Systems

When the internet is used rather than a local telephone companies for voice-based communication it is referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol Systems. VOIP systems have become extremely popular in current times. Without the presence of business phones, it becomes hard to run an enterprise efficiently.

How Do VoIP systems work?

Voice-over IP systems converts the voice of a person into a digital signal. It is then compressed and sent it over across a business phone system. The main reason why people go in for VoIP systems is that they can make calls without having to pay the telephone company. This saves them a lot of money. All you need is internet access. There is no need for copper wires or anything else. Employees can work from home or even in the office without any hassle.

Most businesses invest in business phone systems in Vancouver as this promotes efficiency and also leads to streamlining of operations.

Why Do Businesses Opt for VoIP Systems?

VoIP systems offer the reliability and ease that every business enterprise needs. It is not costly so if you have such a system in place it will be cost-effective. Apart from this, the flexibility that you get with VoIP systems is amazing. They provide professional calling features at a very low price.

So you do not need a server room or an on-premises private branch exchange, the only thing that is needed is VoIP desk phones and your work is done.

Benefits for Remote Staff

Now the staff cannot be tethered to their desks. They need to move in the field and there is no way connectivity can be compromised. For remote staff, VoIP app can be used to take business calls and this is the biggest benefit that VoIP systems offer.

Also, in some offices, Ethernet is not a very practical proposition. There can be network congestion, bandwidth issues, etc. With a CAT 5e connection the employees can go wireless. They can take calls wherever they want without any hassle. This is because Wi-FI connectivity throughout is powerful. When technology offers you solutions, it is best to embrace them with open arms. VoIP systems are a boon of technology. So go ahead and use them to your advantage and have an easy and open communication wherever you are.

For the best-quality VoIP solutions, get in touch with the team at Ansatel Communications Inc. They will suggest you some of the most outstanding products for your business. Their product portfolio includes products such as NEC VOIP Phone Systems, Security Alarm Systems, NEC PBX In-House Phone systems, Nurse Call Systems, Unified Communication, etc. With them, you can even seek suggestions regarding what kind of product you should go in for.

The pricing is competitive and after-sale services are superb. Browse their website to get in-depth information regarding the various products that they offer.

What are the Benefits of a Business Phones System in Vancouver?


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There is hardly any business enterprise that can work efficiently without the presence of business phones. Business phones have become a quintessential part of life. Everything in this world has become fast-paced. Technological advancements have taken over the world and it is important that we embrace them with open arms

Every business now needs business phone systems in Vancouver and this is important for the success

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of business phones:

  1. Superior Communication– Proper communication is the key to success in the current competitive world. Business phones promote effective communication among people in an organization. Opt for a business phone model according to the size of your company. So, for seamless and easy communication, business phones are extremely important.
  2. Reduces Pressure Levels– The business environment can be stressful. When communication is not good it sure to mount up. Business phone services such as call routing, and call forwarding are available and all these can be very helpful. Apart from this with a business phone the requirement to train the employees is less. Human error and issues become less when communication is open. And the existence of business phones ensures all that.
  3. Streamlining of Work- Due to business phones, everything becomes methodical. For any kind of change, implementing the same becomes convenient as communication is open. When work is streamlined, efficiency comes and success is achieved. This is a huge benefit that organizations with business phones accrue.
  4. Enhances Business Performance and Functioning – When you have business phones the performance level of your business organization automatically becomes far better. Confidence is ensured and employees are surer of whatever they are doing.
  5. Easy Tracking of Employees – Due to the business phone system you can easily keep a tab on different activities in your organization. For instance, you will know the call duration of your employee. You will know whether the activities of an employee have been fruitful or not. This will help you take the right decisions for the growth of your company.

So, these are some of the benefits of business phones are needed. Only hire a well-known and reliable business phone vendor to get business phone services and related products. You can reach out to those who have used business phones before and this will give you a good heads-up. Never be shy to do your research work.

For best-quality and hugely affordable business phone solutions, contact the professionals at Ansatel Communications Inc. They offer several amazing products such as NEC VOIP Phone Systems, NEC PBX In-House Phone systems, etc. with them you get the best products as per your specific need.

Check the wide range of products that they provide such as IP phones, digital phones, multi-cell wireless phones, lovely business phone accessories and so much more. At Ansatel Communications you get competitive pricing. Browse the website to get complete details regarding different products.

Here’s How NEC VOIP Phone System can Help in Business Functions?

An effective business phone facilitates business communications and functions. In this regard, the NEC phone system is an innovative, communicative and latest system that runs on Voice Over Internet Protocol. It establishes phone connectivity for communications over the internet instead of standard phone lines. This latest day business phone connectivity provides a plethora of benefits.

The latest business phone systems in Vancouver run on IP addresses. So, it is a perfect solution for small to medium business operations. It is mainly due to its scalability, and you can add to it depending on growth and business needs.

NEC Phone Systems are Flexible

Business owners know how things change for the better. This is how a business can benefit from the latest and feature-rich phone system. Installing a responsive and stable communication phone system is always an investment for the business. So, it’s a smart investment to meet business needs as the company starts to grow in the future.

The NEC business phone is a suitable initial investment for start-up businesses. A small business can start with any number of communications and later add to the NEC phone system. With the NEC phone system, it is easy to install one line with a license at a time. It is important to get the NEC phone connectivity from an authentic source. Business phones are flexible in setting up connectivity per the business’s needs. This is possible when you approach a global leader in business communication service.

NEC Phone Systems are Cost-Effective

Cost is an important considering factor for a medium to small business. So, to set up a powerful communication system with the correct equipment and price, look for a sensible service. As the phone system is scalable, it isn’t expensive. Check the total cost for setting up the phone system and compare it with the rest. This is how you can invest in a cost-effective option.

An effective form of communication and high production level are great solutions for a business and facilitate smooth operations. Some benefits are a built-in conferencing facility, a voicemail feature, a single number that is easy to reach from any place, and wireless solutions. It is important to check the features before investing in your business operations for the best outcome. This is what most business phone systems in Vancouver offers.  

The NEC technologies can empower businesses with their innovative approach to communication. It easily integrates with tools and can offer the best communicative solutions. Seamless communication is what most businesses look for and are suitable for running a business smoothly. The business phones are available in a variety that fits the business needs and category.

Installing Cost-Effective Business Communications

If planning to install the latest communication and networking business phones, look no further than Ansatel Communications Inc. It can address the technology needs and help the business grow seamlessly. Therefore, it is important to establish a robust and affordable communication system. This makes us among the best communication providers and caters to clients’ needs in the best way possible.

Empower Your Sales Team with Advanced Business Phone Systems

Running a business is not easy, and new businesses find a major challenge in promoting their products or services. A lack of knowledge, expertise and funds is the biggest failure of a business. In such cases, technology becomes a boon for small-scale businesses.

Using a business phone system for your business marketing can be beneficial for many reasons. Your business can compete with large-scale enterprises by investing in such a system. In the following section, find a guide on how business phones empower your sales team.

1. Unlock the Opportunities

A business should look for opportunities to increase sales. You should leave no stone unturned to find more potential buyers for your products or services. The easiest way of finding more sales opportunities is using business phones.

The sales team can call people and tell them about the products and services. Unfortunately, many people do not read newspaper advertisements carefully. As a result, they do not realize the potential and usefulness of your products. But, talking to the sales executive on the phone can omit their doubts regarding your products. Therefore, it enhances sales opportunities to a significant level.

2. Render a Customer Help Desk

Many businesses have top-class products, though they cannot attract a good amount of buyers. The reason behind this is the absence of a professional customer help desk. However, when you invest in business phones, you can easily have a customer helpline.

The buyers can call and inquire about different product features. Alternatively, they can call if they find any trouble using the products. A customer support desk assures the buyers that they will get quality suggestions if the product fails to perform well.

3. Announce the Big Discounts

Business phones help a business create hype around its products and services. You can announce the big discounts to the customers. You can also announce a new product launch that can help your business grow quickly.

The buyers often look for discounts on their favorite items. Announcing product discounts through phone calls can motivate them to complete a purchase. Therefore, businesses must use this opportunity to improve their sales revenue.

4. Develop Brand Identity

Every business seeks brand identity through promoting the product in different manners. Using the business phone systems in Vancouver can help develop a brand identity quickly. A good brand identity is essential to growing your business quickly.

You must use advanced business phone systems to promote your brand. The sales executive will call the potential and existing customers regularly and tell the new products, discounts, and many more. As a result, it creates a buzz around your brand name. Many businesses grow as recognized brands in this way.

So, these are some benefits of using business phone systems for your business marketing and branding. In addition, your business marketing team will obtain significant empowerment with the installation of such devices. The most notable thing is that installing such devices is not a costly matter. You can visit Ansatel Communications Inc. to learn more about business IP phones and PBX systems.

Top 5 2022 Trends That VoIP Phone System Can Offer

Small business owners rely on virtual phone systems as a necessary tool to empower their businesses. An effective phone system can add an edge to your company in the competitive world. Again, a business phone is an essential piece of equipment for any business for good business communication. It also helps to get easy access to suppliers, clients, and employees. 

The tradition of using VoIP phones for business purposes is not new. But things have changed and improved for all VoIP customers. For example, if you are in the business, you probably have two choices: VoIP (voice over business protocol) or a PBX phone system (private branch exchange). You can use your smartphone or IP system in VoIP, and PBX refers to traditional phone lines. 

How Do VoIP Phones Work?

In terms of business phones, VoIP gives more hands-on experience. These phones use internet connectivity for phone calls and no need for any upfront bill payment. The setup of the device is also very convenient. These generally use applications that are usable on Android or Ios phone systems. 

Recently, the large-scale use of VoIP phones has been the main reason for the decline in traditional landline phones. Using VoIP phones creates the perfect streamlined communication that benefits all types of businesses.

Find out the top 5 trends when looking for a VoIP phone system in 2022:

  • Convenient Installation

While installing a VoIP phone system, advance charges and maintenance costs are not required compared to traditional landlines. That is the primary reason more small businesses are adopting these phones, as they can use the internet value for better communication and business strategies. 

VoIP business phone is user-friendly and readily connects customers and employees with more steady, uninterrupted connections. Again the prices are reasonable, which attracts all kinds of organizations to adopt this system. 

  • Improved Security

Now the VoIP phone has more security features than before, with multi-layered security options. In addition, the service providers are adopting multi-layered software using blockchain technologies to safeguard the confidentiality of the customers. It is a crucial step as service providers are in charge of storing the most highly confidential data of the customers. 

  • Innovative Calling Routing Facility Using Language Recognition

With technological advancements, many business organizations are adopting the feature of language recognition. This AI facility for intelligent call routing ensures that the future of effective business communication is bright. Thus, using business phones helps enhance the customer experience irrespective of the place or location.

  • The Emergence Of The 5G Network 

The emergence of the 5G rollout will undoubtedly change the communication system across the globe. It also means more enhanced and improved VoIP phone system capabilities. 5G connections will provide a better internet response rate creating faster browsing speed and mobile connectivity. Moreover, it will also provide better streaming quality for video conferencing. That means ease of communication through business meetings and webinars. 

  • Hassle-Free Remote Workplace

Since the pandemic, VoIP business phones have rapid growth due to the transition of business organizations to remote work facilities. And this trend seems not to go away any sooner. So today, countless businesses are managing their companies with these effective business phone systems in Vancouver. 

If you are ready to upgrade your business phone system in Vancouver, check out our website Asatel Communications Inc. We provide top-quality business phone solutions, PBX, Yealink, Polycom, and other unified calling systems. 

What is the need for Panasonic Business Phones System in Vancouver?



Business phone systems have become the need of the hour. The technological advancements in current times have brought a huge change in how things work. The way now how employees connect and collaborate has evolved drastically.

For the success of any business, communication is vital. This has propelled a massive growth of business phone systems in Vancouver.

Mentioned below are some reasons why business phones have become an important part of life:

  1. Better Communication– If communication is not proper even the most efficient organizations can fail. Business phones are means to have effective channels of communication open amongst the employees in an organization. You can go in for a business phone place as per the size of your organization. So, one of the biggest reasons why business phones are important is that they facilitate seamless communication.
  2. Minimizes Pressure– The pressure on employees becomes less due to the presence of a business phone. Call routing, and call forwarding services are available and these are extremely helpful. Also, the need to train employees becomes less. You will have a productive workforce and this in turn will have a huge impact on the performance of the company. Chances of human error come down hugely because of the presence of business phones.
  3.  Work Becomes Streamlined– With business phones work becomes methodical. It becomes easier to add new contact information or new use. If any changes are needed to be implemented the information can spread without any hassle. When communication is simplified you can spend more time building better work strategies.
  4. Enhances Overall Business Performance- With business phones, the overall performance of a business organization becomes better. The employees get more confident regarding doing different tasks and this reflects in their work.
  5. Easy Tracking – With a business phone system tracking of the call duration of an employee becomes easy. You know how much time a person is spending turning leads into a real business. This way you can gauge the level of efficiency and competence of different people working in your organization.

So, these are some of the reasons why business phones are needed. Go in for a reputed business phone vendor if you do not want to fall into any kind of trap. You can ask people who have used business phone systems before for some recommendations. A person that has tried a service provider before will be able to guide you better.

For high-quality and affordable business phone solutions, get in touch with Ansatel Communications Inc. They offer one of the most sought-after Panasonic business phone systems in Vancouver.

With them, you will get a wide array of products like IP phones, multi-cell wireless phones, digital phones, and even amazing business phone accessories. The pricing is competitive and you get value for money products. Please check the website so that you get complete details as regards available products.