Many new ideas have been set into the market with the changing business landscape to help scale and build businesses. Scaling or building a business is not possible without two things. One is communication, and the other is the infrastructure. However, contrary to popular belief, infrastructure does not mean necessarily mean building huge offices. 

It can be the smallest yet most helpful thing, like the business phone. But one might wonder that in the age of mobile phones, why will you pick something else? Well, firstly, it is for commercial use and not personal use, and secondly, it is mainly for group calls. 

Two Issues You Can Solve With Office Phones

Using mobile phones for official work is against work ethics. Moreover, it can also lead to burnout if you have to carry your office in your pocket. So every time you open the mobile phone, you see a call from the office. Instead, opt for business phones where you can clearly demarcate the personal and professional space. 

Secondly, overusing your mobile often leads to disturbances in the gadget. Your phone hangs frequently and heats up too often, and it can hinder work. But not if you use VoIP office phones for communication. Similarly, you will not have to experience network issues once you shift to VoIP.

What Is The USP of VoIP Phones When Compared With Mobiles?

Mobile phones are indeed very useful and handy, but you need a sim connected to the local network to make a call. It would be best if you had the sim in the device for it to function. So you might be able to make a call from anywhere you want, but you need the network and the device.

This means it hampers communication if you experience network disturbance or sim-related issues. But VoIP business phone systems in Vancouver use the internet for communication. Once the phone system connects to the internet, it will become functional.

So you just need the connection, and you can easily make the call. Since it is for official purposes, you will get other features that a mobile phone cannot provide. 

What Added Features Will You Get?

3 Way Calling

With VoIP office phones, you can connect with more than one person efficiently and effectively. You can call them at once, and that is where you get the edge.

Better Voicemail

The improved voicemail feature allows you to check the messages online; you can check them anywhere you want. Cloud storage allows you to store the mail, and email options will enable you to forward it wherever you want. 

Advanced Features

There are advanced features like ‘Follow Me’ or ‘Fine Me’ where you can transfer the calls anywhere, in case you are not inside the office. Buy a modern office phone system from Ansatel Communications Inc. today if you want the best features.

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