As your company evolves from a small business to a large corporation with staff, you must provide your employees with phone access. You will have to become familiar with PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems in order to achieve this. Additionally, you would require the actual room in the business, such as a server room or closet, to install the PBX system. We need first to discuss the overall business phone system better to understand the capabilities and advantages of a commercial-grade PBX.

Benefits of the Best PBX System for Businesses

It’s not often that businesses desire to install their phone system expressly. They must see some benefit in switching to cloud-based business phones service. Businesses of all sizes appreciate PBX’s outstanding features. Here are the main explanations for why companies employ PBXs:

  • Manage and complete calls following a set schedule. You can choose the “divide” approach and create your rules in the PBX network tree. Operators may restrict or permit international calling as necessary to save money
  • Among users and divisions, calls can be transferred with ease. Establish and maintain connections without skipping calls. Calls can be transferred efficiently using both cold and warm transfers. Either way, phone transfers are consistently possible
  • Recorded greetings can be personalized with your company’s preferred music. This feature is an ideal approach to alert customers of a problem with a product or service
  • Run a call center to aid you in managing a sales team or consumer service division. A PBX could have to put calls in a backlog based on technical constraints. A cloud-based PBX can handle and direct more calls to the appropriate people or teams
  • In order to connect many office locations to a single business phone system and allow employees to speak with one another. Instead of managing numerous business phones, you would use a PBX in order to control the call routing

What Is The Best Phone System For Businesses?

The top business phone systems in Vancouver guarantee quick and safe communication. The finest system will enable you to match your clients with precisely the proper parties so that they receive answers to any issues they could have. Dealers of NEC business phones can work with you to understand your unique company requirements and offer specialized solutions.

The SL2100

You want to be flexible? This phone possesses it. This system is highly interoperable and interacts with both IP and digital networks, making it the practical option for forward-thinking small- to medium-sized organizations. It’s a flexible solution for organizations that want to grow, with five call-handling options for each line, extensions that work with smartphones, presence indicators, and WebRTC video conferencing.

The Univerge SV9100

The SV9100 provides a reliable communications server, a must for any digital business phone system. This concise piece of equipment delivers a complete suite of Contact Center solutions & Unified Communications. It supports a vast array of mobility software and devices while enabling you to control and manage your phone system from a single location. The SV9100 is dependable and scalable, ready to expand with you whenever you need to improve your network.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of business phone systems in Vancouver. We can evaluate your communication requirements and offer the finest solutions. To select the best phone system for your company, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and friendly NEC phone system support specialists or explore our phone system catalog.