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If you run a small business, there are several factors to consider when having a business phone system. These may range from cost considerations and choosing the right business communication number to more complex requirements like having special features such as diverting numbers, voicemail, future proofing the phone system, etc.

The latest trend in business phone systems in Vancouver is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Despite that VoIP phone system is relatively new to many businesses; 10 years from now, most small businesses would have switched over to this cutting-edge business communication system, offering a wide range of benefits as discussed herewith.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is internet-based virtual phone system that leverages latest technologies to place the call via internet rather than conventional phone lines. Thus, it provides a very affordable option of business communication when compared to traditional business phone system, which require expensive hardware setup and phone line installation at your office site.

Benefits of Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses

Virtual phone systems like Panasonic business phones bring a handful of benefits for small businesses and startups as discussed here:

  1. Cost Saving

Since startups and small businesses have poor working capital, cost savings is the primary reason why they switch to virtual phone system rather than traditional business phones. Thanks to technology advancement and the beauty of online calling, VoIP can reduce monthly phone costs by up to 70%. Call charges are usually much lower than traditional carriers. Your business telephone number is hosted in the cloud and thus, it eliminates costly line rentals every month. Furthermore, VoIP phone systems do not require hardware installation and there is virtually no setup fee.

  1. Get Enterprise-Level Business Phone Features with VoIP

Just a few years back, small business owners with a small budget couldn’t imagine enjoying enterprise-level business phone features. But thanks to modern business phone systems in Vancouver, they can now have professional features like call forwarding, custom IVR menu, call recording, conference calls, voicemail, call screening, call logging, hold music, conference calls, and much more. This allows small business owners to render their customers a sophisticated and rich business communication experience.

  1. Improved Productivity on the Go

VoIP phone system can work anywhere, and not just at your office desk. So, wherever your employees are, important business calls can be routed instantly to their mobile phone or app wherever internet connectivity is available. Faxes and voicemails are also be forwarded as PDF or MP3 attachments to email accounts. Thus, even when you are on the move, work and communication continues.

  1. Reach Out to More Customers

Key VoIP features and low-cost internet calling allow small businesses to reach out to a broader customer base nationally and internationally.

  1. Fast Setup and Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional business phones, VoIP system does not require hardware installation and is quick to setup. Low maintenance is another advantage that makes it an ideal choice for small businesses today.

Ansatel Communications Inc. brings a wide array of virtual phone systems like Panasonic business phones with enterprise-level features and cost advantage for businesses of any size.