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Hosted PBX Business Phone system uses internet to set up a telephone communication system within the office, and between different branch offices of the same company/business. The days of dependence on telephone service provider are over.

The benefits of a PBX business phone system are:

  1. Professional Corporate Communication Services – Business phone systems in Vancouver give an impression of high-end communication network within the organization. When a client, consumer or client calls a hosted phone, an automated answer greets her/him followed by queries regarding the nature of the call. Now some people might find this annoying, however, it is better than trying endlessly on a given number without any proper response.Since the Panasonic Business phones provide extension numbers for different handsets and offices, if a client is aware of the department extension number, they can directly route their call there.This coordinated calling system is considered a big business practice. However, the good news is that the small and mid-sized businesses can also install and use business phone systems in Vancouver for almost half-the-price they spend on regular telephone connections.
  2. Easy Virtual Expansion – Panasonic business phones in Vancouver that work through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allow you to host cloud based PBX system. This is a boon for offices with multiple branches because cloud based systems make inter-office calling totally inexpensive. The company can use the same software application to set up a business phone system in different offices, allowing the employees to communication and collaborate over long distances at highly reduced prices.
  3. All in One Integrated Communication – Business phone systems score over the traditional line-to-line telephones in many ways. These hosted PBX systems provide the entire suite of communication technologies to the employees and clients, such as calling, short message service (SMS), fax, e-mail, conference calls, caller identification, voice to text/email conversion, customized no-response messages, etc. No extra expenses for any of these services.
  4. Compatible With Different Phone Models – A lot of electronic companies manufactures PBX phone systems because there is a steady demand for it from small, medium, and large organizations, including hospitals, hotels, academic institutions, airports, etc. One can either source the phone from the IP service provider or order Panasonic business phones that are compatible with the business needs. The business phone systems come in different specifications, and a company can place bulk order according to its needs and budgetary requirements.

To be able to reap the complete benefits of hosted PBX business phone systems, companies must pay attention to the selection of right IP service provider, and the business phone model. Opt for the service provider that provides the best, and most dedicated troubleshooting services because one cannot imagine out of service communication channel. For reliable and most optimum business phone systems in Vancouver for your organization, get in touch with the consultants at Ansatel Communications Inc.