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Phones have been the primary medium of communication since the time of their invention. Even in the workplace phone systems serve as a go-to communication network. Experts say that the average lifespan of a phone system is about 6 to 8 years. After that, it either lags in features or goes out of operation. This outdated system can be detrimental to your business and thus make it suffer. So, the question is how you know that your business phone system is running behind.

Here are the signs to it:

  • Addition Of New Users Becomes A Struggle: A new person gets hired to join the team. It must be quite easy to assign the person his or her own number, isn’t it? However, with old phone systems, it is not that easy. This is because the number of users they can offer service is restricted. It can be quite costly if you try to increase the capacity of the system. In such a case, switching to a phone system which is cloud-based is the best option. The system offers seamless service without any limits.
  • Calls Cannot Get Accessed By Employees Outside The Office Premises: Today business not just gets conducted inside the office but also remotely. For this, you need a phone system which can always keep you in contact with the employees. Communication via messages or giving personal contact numbers of your employees to the customers is not a viable option. Instead, you must look for systems which can seamlessly transfer calls to your employees anywhere. Reputed companies rely on the Panasonic business phones in Surreyfor best results. Do not let go any customer or opportunity owing to an outdated communication system.
  • The Mobile And Landline Connections Are Separate: Are the business mobile phone and landline separate two entities for your business? If yes, it is time you go for unifying the communications. The advantages that the upgrade offers are simultaneous dialing, consolidated voicemail, easy redirects out-of-office, extension dialingfacility from mobile and landline and clear and unified phone bill.
  • All the Available Telephone Lines Are in Use Throughout:As the business expands, the outbound calls increase along with a simultaneous increase of incoming calls. If all the lines are in operation at the same time, you cannot call back your customers immediately. This is an indication that your phone system needs an upgrade. The business can never thrive for long if all the customer calls get diverted to voicemail whenever they try to contact you.
  • Multiple Systems Placed At Varied Locations: As business prospers, multiple offices get set up in different locations. In such a case, the best solution is the IP-PBX business phone system inSurrey. The solution is cost-effective, helps you to serve customers in a better way and also increases productivity.

If you are looking for the upgrading of business phone systems in Vancouver, then a trusted company like Ansatel Communications Inc. can offer you innovative solutions. They personally visit the places of their clients to solve telecommunication problems. They help to converge data and voice solutions asper the budget and specifications of the customers.