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The technology involved in telephone communication systems has undergone a major shift over the years. The initial and most radical change came when mobile telecommunication systems started replacing landline systems. Landline systems have become practically obsolete nowadays.

However, they are still widely used in business establishments nationwide. The traditional phone has also shifted to VoIP technology. Telecommunication technology is always innovating and there are hundreds of functional changes that take place every day. These changes make your business phone systems much better.

Following we have illustrated some indispensable business phone features that have become practically mandatory for modern businesses. Business phone systems in Vancouver and other major Canadian systems simply must possess these features to keep up with your competition. These are small systemic improvements that keep your business phone system on its toes.

Introduce “Find Me, Follow Me” Technology

The one feature about phone calls is they cannot be delayed and they must occur in real time. “Find Me, Follow Me” or FMFM is a feature which rings all the devices related to you in a pre-ordained sequence. For example, you could program your business phone systems in Surrey to first reach the automatic call attendant, then the receptionist, then your office extension, then your personal cellphone and finally your co-worker’s office extension.

Any business that is heavily sales-oriented simply must introduce FMFM technology into their business phone systems. You and your employees can’t afford to miss important calls and FMFM takes care of that problem.

Voicemail Transcription

If you have a business with a sizeable volume of customers, then there is a very good chance that you spend a large amount of time following up on voicemail messages. Instead of listening to scores of voicemail messages, you should install voicemail transcription features into your business phone systems in Vancouver.

Transcribed voicemail messages are easily readable and also eat away less time for your employees. This feature relies on speech-to-text recognition software, so the end result is not always perfect. However, having software do the transcription for you minimizes privacy risks.

Control All Your Active Calls

VoIP technology has allowed us to digitize voice calls effectively. This also gives you the ability to wield total control over all your active calls using your state-of-the-art Panasonic business phone systems. Calls can now be easily integrated with computers and this will allow you to use call-controlling features like Whisper, Monitor, Barge, and Record. The monitor can allow you to listen in on calls while Whisper will allow you to listen in on a call and speak only that your employee can hear you.

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