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A business phone system is a mission-critical tool for any organization. Thus it is obvious to choose the best phone system to integrate into your business seamlessly not only today but also for the next few years.

To pick the right phone system for your business, you need to get the basics covered. Later, it will make it easy to differentiate between various systems and find the advanced features for your business phones.

Listed below are some of the key features you should look for in a phone system for your business. This will help you get a clear grasp of the basics.

  • Automated Attendant

The auto-attendant makes sure that your inbound calls are never dropped or gone unanswered. Despite the unavailability of staff, all your calls are responded to. In the present age, a business without automated phone attendant is mostly considered as a ‘small fry’ and loses impression.


An auto attendant comes with a variety of customizable features like touch-tone to guide callers to specific extensions/people or various message, including directions and business hours.

  • Voicemail

In today’s market, almost every phone system comes with the voicemail feature. But there are some variations as well. Here are a few key points to look for:

  • Remote access to messages is essential. Your business phone system must provide you with your messages whether you are in the office or any remote location.
  • Callers must be able to leave long messages. You cannot afford to disconnect any call of your customers midway through their message delivery, even though it can be tiring.
  • Multiple greetings pre-recorded that can be played when you are on another line or out of office, reflect professional attention to details. Also, this way you don’t have to change the greetings regularly.
  • Hunt Group

It is useful for critical inbound calls that you don’t want to go to voicemail. Hunt groups work extensively with different features. This is vital for inbound sales inquiries and customer service. Less dropped calls mean a brighter image of your company.

  • Conferencing

The phone conferencing feature is of high demand for business phone systems in Surrey. It enables multiple extensions to connect for multi-individual discussion. The maximum number of lines to be linked can vary, so get precise figures here. Also, you have to check the sound quality of the speaker and the microphone.

These are only a few of the numerous features business phones have to offer. If you are looking for an up-gradation of your business stature and trying to let your workflow seamlessly, without any communication gap, get in touch with us. Ansatel Communications INC. is the best company for business phone systems in Vancouver, Surrey, and all-over Canada. We offer combined voice and data solutions to companies of both big and small scale. Get in touch with us today.