Selecting a VoIP phone system for your large business enterprise with more than 150 employees can be tricky. You may want a complete communication solution and not just any other business phone system. An effective system that can handle the vast needs of your large enterprise. You may require a UC system that can assist the handling of multiple offices or sites and also help in remote connectivity.

The Advantages of VoIP Phone System for Large Enterprises

  • Quick Mobility

Assisting and providing support to remote workers with computing and softphone App for varied devices that involve Android, iPhones, Windows, or Mac can be made easy through a VoIP business phone system. The mobile workforce is an important aspect of any large organization. Even on-road or traveling, your employees can use all the advanced features such as call control panel and switchboard.

  • Redundant Power Supply

You can connect your computers using two to three physical power supply units to provide a redundant power supply. Every power supply unit will have the single-handed capacity to run the device in case the other units go down. The mega VoIP phone system appliances do have ample redundant power supplies plus hard disk monitor features to keep all your electronic systems running with negligible downtime. For all your urgent and critical business-related work, you can add a spare redundant appliance to keep your systems working continuously.

  • Value for Money

The VoIP phone system with its complete set of features is the perfect choice for large businesses. It is equipped with unified communication features and a simple user interface. Getting a good system at a competitive price can be challenging. Systems such as Panasonic business phones can give you the added advantage of a fixed pricing model as included in the base price.

  • Advanced Connectivity or Peering

Smart VoIP systems can help you identify the status of the employees whether they are available within the office or even out of the country. This way, with the shared status info, you will know who is available for further action with advanced peering.

  • Virtual Technology

Large companies have mega IT infrastructures that include numerous servers and various equipment for the staff needed for operating the business. Every technology such as mobility, voicemail, file storage, and many more can require separate servers. It may add up to a huge investment amount to be set aside just for in-house IT hardware and on-site maintenance. 

Maintenance cost, increased demand for man-power, need for storage facilities, and other complex system requirements can be some of the issues that arise when companies store a huge load of IT hardware. Virtualization provides an easy solution to all such issues. When the company incorporates virtualization software, all appliances and technologies can share a combined server connected via the software.

Whatever the size of your business, communication is crucial to withstand the competitive market. For superior technological business phone systems in Vancouver, Ansatel Communications INC offers customized perfect solutions for every client according to their technological requirements. We can thus help create power-packed communication solutions that are much advanced as compared to traditional phones.