Are you looking for a quality phone system that offers flexible features for your home and business usage? You can opt for PBX or private branch exchange, which can be defined as a private telephone network. This network works well within a company and the outside world and provides a progressive range of services enabled via cloud hosting for small and medium businesses.

PBX business phone systems in Vancouver have revolutionized the way you look at telephone services. The no-wire cordless setup allows office employees and staff to make easy calls internally to other employees within the company building.

In this digital era, PBX offers new advancements and acronyms such as VoIP or voice over internet protocol technology and also other UcaaS or unified communications as a service platform. This enables users to make phone calls using the internet.  

Let us study some of the highlighting features of a PBX phone system

  • PBX -100% Reliable

For those wanting a reliable, valuable, and simple-featured home and business phone system, the NEC PBX can deliver the most-promising IP-based system. It can fully support your indoor home or business telephone cabling providing enhanced and versatile digital phones. It also supports analog telephones.

  • Power-Packed Connectivity

A PBX system can be connected to a variety of devices. It gives you the power to use any device, your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or traditional phone. You can receive and make voice calls, and video calls and also get to use an instant messaging service. You can stay in touch irrespective of your place or time. 

  • Team Meets

You get the option to host meetings beyond the only-calls service. As a modern business phone, the PBX system allows you to hold online office meets, and live video conferences. This makes you connect easily with your team whenever you need to do so.

  • Superior Security

With businesses getting more competitive, naturally, business phones come equipped with good security. PBX solutions with encryption features protect all your texts and voice call conversations. With complete privacy, you can conduct high-level meetings and communicate effectively with your staff, clients, and others.

PBX also ensures cloud-based freedom. If you are a new business owner and unsure about using PBX business phone systems in Vancouver, it is natural. However, once you know more about its super features and benefits, there will be no doubts. With a full cloud-based back up system, there is minimum maintenance as there is no hardware to be installed. All upgrades are handled by the hosting company. VoIP phone systems give you the chance to tailor the workspace as per your unique business needs. Gain more from your work phone network system, which helps you connect efficiently and effectively. 

Ansatel Communications Inc. can provide you with a sophisticated and customized business phone solution. The company executives can be requested to pay a visit to your home or business location to assess your telecommunications requirements. After the installation, the support team is made available to clients at all times.