The business phone system offers an enterprise not merely a means of effective communication, but many functions and features that can simplify tasks, increase productivity and improve overall business efficiency. Irrespective of whether you are a brick and mortar store or an online business, you can harness the potential of the right business phone solution to improve your bottom line.

Earlier, small enterprises had inhibitions about feature-rich business phone systems because they are extremely complex as well as expensive. Only the big players in the industry used these cutting-edge communication systems. However, preferences and needs have evolved over the years. Today, small businesses have several options for unified communications, which can support large-scale and complex business operations but with a much affordable price tag. Business owners can now choose a suitable package with intuitive features that meet their requirements and help improve their productivity.

Discussed are some of the key features of top-notch business phones:

  1. Ergonomic and User-friendly Design

 Modern business phone systems are typically ergonomic in design and extremely user-friendly. The buttons are grouped according to their functions and placed conveniently for ease of use. Certain features like Do Not Disturb, Volume, Conference Calling, Voice Mail, Call Mute, Re-Dial, Hold, etc. are available right at your fingertips.

  1. Easy Installation

 Not all business telephones are complex. Today, there are plenty of choices available that are much easier to configure and update. Just a few steps and your business phone will be installed and configured right away! You can also upgrade the software easily by following the instructions.

  1. Bluetooth Technology

 Bluetooth is one of the latest evolutions in enterprise-grade telephone systems, which has made business operations much faster and convenient. The technology not helps integrate your business phone with your Smartphone, but can connect to headsets easily to keep caller conversations private.

  1. Voicemail

 Voicemail has been there since long. However, the latest additions in voicemail service are worth mentioning. Voicemail transcription is one new feature that comes exceptionally handy, particularly when a customer/client sends you a voicemail after office hours. The message will be transcribed and send to you as an email. You can easily view the message and determine whether it is important. Additionally, when a voicemail is left, the phone system will time stamp it and send to your inbox for listening. This cutting-edge feature lets you listen to the voicemail in your inbox.

  1. Mobile and Data Networking Capabilities

With the aid of VoIP technology, you can receive and make business calls anywhere, anytime, without a dedicated business phone system. Shared voice and data networking system on business phones also improves business capabilities.

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