Effective communication is one of the key driving forces behind increased collaboration across the enterprise, improved productivity, reduced operational costs, and business growth. As such, converged communication systems such as business phones have gained exponential popularity in recent years.

A business phone system includes several unique features unlike an ordinary telephone system, and is truly designed to meet the growing needs of an enterprise. Right from voice calling to data networking, wired and wireless connectivity, and integration with Smartphones with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, converged communication helps to improve overall business communications.

So, how businesses can benefit from converged communications? In this blog, we will discuss the potential advantages a business can have by harnessing the power of IP telephony.

Network Integration

 Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of business phone systems is network integration. This helps enterprises to improve voice communications while minimizing call costs and PBX. The new technology allows voice calls as well as data traffic to share the same network, which is defined as Converged Communication. The phone system routes all voice calls over this shared voice and data network, providing top-notch features like voicemail, remote working capabilities and one-click call management to improve overall business communication. Additionally, network integration can help enterprises protect their existing investments by achieving the above benefits without having to replace the existing telephone system.

Ability to Respond Better and Quick

The modern business environment demands instant response. With business phones that aid in converged communication, enterprises can better anticipate and quickly respond to customer requests.

Unified Communication System that Minimizes Disruption

The goal of implementing business phone systems is to integrate a unified communication system in complex business environments as well as eliminating disruption that may be caused to existing business telephone systems and operations. Thus, you can have a fully-integrated, highly scalable voice and data networking solution that deliver instant results to the clients.

Supports Multiple Devices

 Converged communication helps support multiple devices to cater to changing requirements of distributed operations and a mobile workforce. So, right from a business telephone to mobile devices and other equipment, you can have it all, integrated to one communication system.

Seamless Business Operations

 With a business phone system, employees can easily conduct business virtually anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it is also easier to assemble and disassemble different work groups virtually and anywhere in the world to cater to changing needs.

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