Pick up the Best Panasonic Contact Centre Phone Systems for Your Business


Businesses, big and small, progress or lack behind in the competition based on how well they offer customer support. Query resolution, information sharing and customer assistance on phone contribute significantly in this direction. Panasonic business phones boast of designs and functions that fully meet the needs of customer contact centers. Here are some of their benefits and a brief guide to choose the right options.

Why You Need Them?

Better Call Distribution: You can optimize a Panasonic phone to distribute calls among the available agents. It is a great way to minimize call wait time and also to forward the call by creating segments based on geography and callers’ past histories.

Improved Customer Support: Many of the Panasonic business phone systems can be connected to the company’s CRM system, order-tracking software and other business applications which allow the contact centre agents to access callers’ data and history and entertain their queries appropriately.

Enhanced Call Monitoring: It is essential that you supervise the performance of your agents to add value to the customer support. For this, these devices offer features like call recording, call reporting and call log maintenance which allow supervisors in call quality monitoring.

Added Accessories: Every popular Panasonic phone system offers support for a number of accessories like full-duplex speakerphones, Ethernet ports, extended handset cords, headset jacks and more to let your agents enjoy better calling experience.

Choosing the Right One

The needs of different types of contact centers may differ in regard with the environment, call frequencies, available infrastructure and more. Here are some important considerations while choosing the best Panasonic business phone system:

Easy-to-install: Models like KXTPA65 are easy to install as these don’t require wired LAN for installation. You can easily integrate them with your existing contact centre setup.

Easy-to-use: With features like multiple programmable buttons, large LCD displays, great graphic displays with backlight and HD audio quality, the bestselling Panasonic phone systems like KX-NT 560 and KX-NT556 IP are among the top options.

Performance: KX-DT343B offers a navigation pad which allows fast name and telephone number programming and quick number searching which contribute towards good customer support. Another good model is NT400 which has chat screen and company portal screen as great add-ons. These performance enhancements are obviously an advantage for call and contact centers.

The Perfect Fit: For a contact centre environment, Panasonic phones with ergonomic deigns, low standby power consumption, volume control and other similar features are definitely the powerful tools for the agents and representatives.

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