5 Features of Modern Office Phones We Bet You Are Not Familiar With

Irrespective of the size of your organization, an office phone is among the essential tools to ensure smooth business operations. Starting with the simple communication devices, business phones have evolved into sophisticated systems that contribute towards increased business efficiency and improved staff productivity and that too at reduced costs. If you have recently recognized the need of replacing traditional phones with technologically-advanced phone systems, start by exploring their top-notch features.

Plug and Play Devices

Many Panasonic phone models are the excellent examples of plug and play devices that add great flexibility to the entire workplace environment. How? These phones can be simply plugged into any Ethernet port at your office and put to work right away. It means no installation efforts are required. Moreover, your employees may take the phone from one location to another within the premises and use it conveniently without setting it again and again.

The SIP Advantage

Are you new to the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP? If yes, you are missing the advantage of SIP-powered office phones. SIP enabled phone systems are scalable which means that it allows addition and removal of channels as per your workplace needs and that too within few minutes. Easy call diversion (from one site to another) and low call traversing costs are other benefits you get to enjoy with the protocol.

Open Source Communication Solutions

Whether you are planning to use unified communication and collaborative services from BroadSoft or custom communication solutions from Digium, the latest business phones extend their support to each of the popular platforms and solution providers. Brekeke, Asterisk, Metaswitch and BroadWorks are some other names in the list.

Business Applications

One of the popular Panasonic phones is KX-UT670 which offers excellent support to development of truly useful business applications. While mobile apps are definitely essential, having apps developed for browsing internet, checking mails, fixing calendar appointments and other activities on office phones is indeed an outstanding advantage.


Even if your employees are located miles apart while working at different branches, you can enjoy the three-way conferencing facility offered by the bestselling phones from the brands like Panasonic. It means that apart from data and voice transmission, these phones open another channels of communication in the form of conferencing.

You can imagine how valuable these phones prove for small and medium sized businesses, not only to save time, costs and resources but also to make them powerful at various fronts like client calling, customer service and intra-office communication.

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