6 Employee-friendly Features in a Smart Office Phone

Along with computers, which is the other most utilized device at a workplace? The answer is the office phone system which establishes the essential level of communication and aids in a number of day-to-day operations. It means that the choice of business phone would decide the efficiency and productivity of your employees in a big way. In that case, you must invest in a multi-featured phone and the good news is that there are many such options available in the market. Let’s highlight what top features of these modern devices would inspire your staff for better performance.

Ergonomic Design

KX-NT366 is a Panasonic phone which boasts of ergonomic designs for comfortable prolonged usage by your employees. For example, its body as well as display can be tilted to a number of angles that add convenience to the user’s eyes, back and joints. It also adds to the speed of performing different tasks.

Wireless Operation

With the integration of Bluetooth technology, it is possible to use wireless headsets with these phone systems. It means that an employee gets to enjoy hands-free operation and it is indeed an advantage for those who perform multitasking like talking while browsing internet or searching for customer information.

LCD Touch Display

A distinguished feature of the top-rated Panasonic phones like KX-HDV330 is their color LCD display with touch facility. KX-UT670 is another model which is known for its 7-inch touch display offering convenient access to various applications and installed features.

Multiple Function Keys

KX-NT366B offers function keys like Call Forward, Do Not Disturb, Conference, Auto Answer, Mute, Pause and Auto Dial. In addition, there are 12 dual color programmable CO keys that extend the ease of call handling. Your employees would love various operations literally on their fingertips.

High Definition Audio

Sound quality matters a lot when your employees interact with your clients and customers on phone. This is why you need office phones with support for HD voice and the phone systems of today deliver well in this direction as well. Along with top-quality speakers and microphones, these devices have echo cancellation facility which adds dramatically to the voice quality.

Navigator Pad

This is one feature that can significantly enhance the speed and efficiency among phone users. If you have a lot of customers or clients, it allows fast and easy programming of their numbers and names without demanding much human effort. Quick-deal numbers can be easily searched and many other tasks can be performed easily using it.

The team of experts at Ansatel Communications Inc. Vancouver advocates the use of ergonomically designed Panasonic phones for offices and contact centers of all kinds. One of the reputed telecommunication product and service provide in the region, the company deals in handpicked models of Panasonic business phone systems with features like multiple-character LCD display, multiple self-labeling function keys, Bluetooth modules, wireless headset support, dual Ethernet ports, SIP support and a lot more. Call hold, waiting, transfer, forwarding, multi-party calls and many similar features too make the company’s solutions great for increasing employee performance. By investing in these solutions, you would achieve the important target of employee satisfaction.