Top Office Phone Trends to Keep an Eye on This Year

Irrespective of the industry you are in, having the ability to identify the latest trends in business communication can give you a competitive advantage. Office phones make it easy and convenient to reach out to customers for effective one-to-one communication. Whether you are a startup with a home office or a well established organization with a strong workforce, communication is the key to build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. And that should be fast, simple and effective.

If your business is up on the benefits offered by the latest technologies, you definitely achieve a leg up over your competitors who aren’t paying close attention. Naturally, expert knowledge of business communication and phone systems may not be your core competency. So, here are the top trends to keep an eye on in 2016.

SIP Trunking Continues to Gain Popularity

SIP Trunking is a unique feature of modern office phones that allows organizations to switch to cutting-edge IP-PBX technology without the need to overhaul the entire communication infrastructure. Typically, a Panasonic phone designed for office purpose is powered by SIP trunk technology, which facilitates both data and voice communications. This means, businesses can actually cut costs by minimizing the number of phone lines they have to install and pay for. Moreover, multi-location businesses can connect all their offices in differed regions more quickly and easily. With these superb advantages, experts bet that SIP Trunking will continue to gain momentum in years to come.

Use of WebRTC is on the Rise

Presenting a smart combination of web-based, mobile, and unified communication trends, the rise of WebRTC usage as a powerful business communications platform is definitely something that businesses should keep a watch on. It has emerged as an open standard for unified peer-to-peer communication that empowers organizations to embed rich media communications in websites and apps without the need for hardware, plug-ins or other proprietary technology. More and more businesses are embracing WebRTC technology as a cost-effective and simple process to deploy unified communications.

According to Smith Point Analytics, a market research firm, the global market for WebRTC will reach a whopping $4.8 billion by 2018 with more than 2 billion users by 2019. Make sure your office phone isn’t missing out on this powerful feature.

Organizations Tend to Unify Communications More

Unified Communication is the buzzword today. Organizations of all sizes and across different sectors are already leveraging this technology for good reasons. Recent trends reveal that even in the years to come, they will continue minimizing costs, simplifying business communication infrastructure, and improving collaboration with smart features such as unified messaging, chat or instant messaging, web conferencing, and presence.