Tips to Evaluate Office Phone for Business

Work culture and trend has been changing for the better with mode of communication expanding across platforms such as emails, instant messaging, video calls etc. However, office phones or voice calls still remain an integral part of modern business.

If your business has also followed the trend and moved your files and important data to the cloud, it’s likely that your phone system is also prepared for the big transition.

Finding a perfect office phone system that could go through this transition very easily, helping you and your team to operate smoothly is the greatest achievement. In fact, it is one of the major factors to have an impact on the success of your business venture. You should always   look for a system that is easy to deploy and manage as your company grows. For end-users, your system should be friendly to use and compatible.

So, whenever you are considering phone systems, you should follow some of these important points:

 Call Quality

Don’t compromise with the call quality of the system you want to install. Even if it is a lucrative deal, you cannot compromise with the quality of calls, which is also the lifeline of your business. Ensure that office phone system you select, gives you consistent and reliable call quality.

Ask several questions like:

  • Is the telephony infrastructure of the solution reliable?
  • How has it been designed?
  • Does it employ any of the latest technologies like HD and WebRTC calling?
  • Can the chosen platform scale and meet the company’s requirements now, as well as in the future?

Easy Administration

There are 2 important steps after setting up the office phone system – implementation and maintenance. It doesn’t really have to be difficult. If you move your telephone system to a new, cloud-based solution, it can enable your administrators to set up as well as manage things easily using the web. In fact, your choice of solution should be good enough to free up time of working on value-added projects. Understand a few things:

  • Implementation process – What is it and how long does it take?
  • Is someone going to come to install the equipment? Do you need a consultant to port and setup the system?
  • How is it going to impact the business process of your team?
  • Can the system support your business as it scales?


Team Mobility

You have to consider whether your team needs hardware on their desks or they would need mobile phone system. You have to choose a system that provides better access to information needed and ability to make voice calls, instant messages, or SMS to colleagues.

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