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The telephony technology is continuously evolving. While we have seen major infrastructure changes like the switch from landline to mobile and shift from traditional office phones to VoIP, there are also several smaller functional changes that make the bigger transformations happen.

In this blog, we highlight 5 unique features of modern office phone systems that have brought in revolutionary changes over the past two decades. While some of these features facilitate smaller business efficiencies, others bring bigger and systematic improvements to how business phone systems are secured and managed. All these features are easy to implement, and if your business isn’t leveraging any of these, 2016 should be a year of change.

1. Give Your Business a Local Presence and Make Communication Easy
Businesses have varying needs and objectives. While one needs to have a stronger local presence, others may demand a global presence. Your phone system should be designed likewise. At the core, it should be important to make communication and connectivity easy and hassle-free. Modern phone system like Panasonic phone offers a variety of phone number options that can make it easy for consumers and clients to contact you, and improve your brand recognition. A wide range of options include Directory Listings, Local Numbers, International Numbers, and Toll-free Numbers. So, make the right choice that fits your business needs.

2. Effective Call Management for Improved Caller Experience
Callers (and if they are your customers) hate to be on-hold. Therefore, you should strive to make their experience more pleasant and productive. Latest phone systems give you the option to customize settings to improve caller experience. Make sure that you do not miss calls or have long waiting times and call drops. Your team should have few advanced features at their command such as Call Forwarding, Answering Rules, Automatic Call Recording, Shared Lines, Call Screening, Call Flip, Intercom, Shared Lines, Call Park, Missed Call Notifications, Message Alerts, and Call Logs.

3. Devices and Phone Service
One advantage that modern phone systems, such as Panasonic phones, come with is Cloud service. This makes it easier to administer your calls across all locations, incorporates multiple calling options, includes all users, and integrates diverse devices seamlessly. Some of the key features that every business with Cloud phone service should leverage are Caller ID Control, Secure VoIP Service, Desktop App, VoIP Headsets, Analog Adapters, etc.

4. Cloud PBX
This is one important and unique office phone system feature that can revolutionize the way you manage your calls and contacts, and delightfully, at a fraction of cost. Some of the key elements that you should take into consideration are hosted PBX service, multi level IVR, auto receptionist, call reports, user templates, call monitoring, access control, extensions, on-hold music, seamless sign in, and much more.

5. Business SMS
One unique feature (and one that is not commonly used) of office phones that businesses should consider is the option to send and receive text messages via your business number and through your Smartphone, computer or tablet. You can also make unlimited text messages via your office phone number.

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