With the consistent growth and development of mobile technology, use of Cloud-based programs and data storage system, and the steady demand for reduced startup costs, several new businesses are looking for a better option for their offices. Office space should be utilized judiciously to accommodate essentials. The best way, however, is to go virtual – with the help of the Web connecting employees, customers, clients and business partners.

Experts suggest that there are plenty of advantages of establishing a virtual headquarter for your business. It includes reduced overhead costs, increased productivity, and overall environmental adjustment.

Communication System – How the Virtual Business World Functions?
One of the most vital aspects of a business is communication – the ability of all employees to keep in touch with one another and the company to communicate with its clients and partners. That is how business is generated.

Whilst not having a traditional office setup changes the way and mode of communication, it does not however mean that virtual offices are less effective in sharing or transferring information.

As a matter of fact, with improved mobile technology, the virtual business world is now sharing information across varied platforms efficiently, especially with the latest business phone systems.

Choosing a Business Phone System
One of the most important factors to ensure seamless and fluent communication across virtual networks is to pick up the right business phone system for virtual businesses.

Without having a physical office, there is no need to purchase an expensive PBX-based phone system or KSU, or landlines. These types of business phones require maintenance and are expensive too.

As such, the only choice is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. With VoIP, you can make regular calls via internet connection instead of using the traditional landline. Bear in mind, to get the highest call quality, you as well as your employees should have access to high-speed internet or broadband connection.

Overall cost savings for international calls and long-distance calls is significant compared with any traditional landline or telephone service. Most VoIP service providers now offer free local as well as long-distance calls anywhere in the world and they offer lower rates for international calls too. Thus, VoIP is ideal for companies with clients and employees based all over the country as well as around the world.

VoIP Features and Benefits
As a business phone system, VoIP is definitely a money saving choice for your company. However, there is a fierce competition amongst service providers which makes it difficult to choose. Some service providers are offering cooler features like high-definition video conferencing too.

Noted below are some of the important features you can find in VoIP business phone systems:

  • Local telephone numbers
  • Toll-free number for business
  • Auto attendant feature to help route calls to appropriate persons
  • Call forwarding feature for businesses, home phones or cell phones
  • Dial-by-name phone directory
  • Holiday and special greetings
  • On-hold music
  • Caller ID
  • Call screening
  • Virtual fax
  • Visual voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Call logs
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Call encryption
  • Integrated messaging

With hosted phone services such as VoIP, you need not hire a person to maintain your business phone system or office phone – your chosen service provider would happily manage all technical and service related problems.

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