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The main reason for choosing a cordless phone is portability. Not just that, it requires very little electricity to charge and assists a cell phone as well. By placing a cell phone near the base of a cordless phone, you can get access to the wireless service and make use of the cordless handset and wireless technology to take and make calls. So, for all the array of benefits associated with cordless phones, it is worth going wireless.

Let’s discuss some essential factors to keep in mind while buying a cordless phone.

  1. Not looking Beyond the Basic Features of Cordless Phone:

Certain features of cordless phones like handset and earpiece volume control handset ringer, last number redial, pager to locate handset, flash button in order to answer,  the call waiting,  low-battery indicator etc. were regarded as exclusive features in the past, but have become standard features at present. There are many other unique features of a cordless phone that you should not overlook.
o   Speaker phone: Cordless phones these days are available with speakerphone permitting users to answer calls without the handset. Using the speaker phones with intercom feature handsets can be used as room monitors. You can keep a check on the volume and clarity of voice for the speaker phone, if that is an important aspect of your regular usage.
o   Multiple handsets: This number of phones base-set supports plays a vital role in cordless phone seelction. Panasonic business phones support a maximum of 12. This can be of great help to an entrepreneur depending on the size of his business.
o   Pager Feature: With multiple handsets, it is easy to lose track and thus a pager feature seems to be handy in such situations. It helps to locate handsets and even warns users when they move out of the range of a base station.

  1. Not Doing Adequate Research of the Company You Are Purchasing It From

Choosing the wrong communications solutions provider, can spell disaster for your business. Thus you should choose the right company for your communication needs. Do adequate research of the company before buying the cordless business phone system. It is a good idea to go through the customer feedback, testimonials and the website thoroughly before buying the cordless phone. First be assured that the company would give you adequate support, whenever required and pay adequate attention to your requirement before suggesting a phone.

  1. Not Purchasing a Scalable Cordless Phone System

While buying business phone systems in Vancouver, it is important to take note of the present as well as the future requirements. While buying a cordless phone system do not overlook the following factors, such as

  • The cordless phone should help you to add new users. With a plug and play system you will be able to add new handsets yourself.
  • The phone system should be able to work as a central platform for a multiple locations as this can help you to avoid installing phone systems in all your offices and save you from shelling out too much of money.

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