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Low grade call qualities have a negative impact on a business. It frustrates and angers customers and portrays a poor image of a business. VOIP or Voice Over IP phone systems have overcome poor voice quality considerably but all VOIP systems are not equal. The VOIP technology makes use of information packets that travel long routes of IP networks to reassemble at destination.

Common problems associated with VOIP service are choppiness, delay, echo, that can be due to network variables like latency, packet loss, jitter etc. There are ways to deal with these VOIP issues and enhance call quality.

Let’s look at some of the ways to improve call quality.

Lowering the Use of Bandwidth
You can reduce the usage of your bandwidth by buying high contention ratio of internet connection and making certain simple changes in the daily business operations. This can be done by the following ways:

  • Lowering making simultaneous calls.
  • Pausing download when someone has to use the VOIP.
  • Removing unnecessary items from your company’s computers that run as soon as the computers start.
  • Ensuring file transfers and automatic backing up of programs take place at night when nobody is using the computers.
  • Running the regular network, speed tests on each and every computer of your company to enhance the VOIP speed and lower bandwidth usage.
  • Ensuring outbound calls are made from your company during that time of the day when contention ratio is lowest.

Adjusting Quality of Service
It may not be always possible to limit the VOIP calls to the times of usage of low bandwidth especially if your business receives a huge number of the inbound calls. To make sure that adequate bandwidth is available at all times during the day, adjust the quality of the service features of your network to prioritize the VOIP calls over other programs. To do that, instruct the router to prioritize the VOIP traffic by clicking the applications option on its setup application on the computer.

Train the Staff
You have to provide adequate training to your staff. Otherwise, despite having the best software, service and network for your VOIP, you may not gain much out of it. The data and voice staffs should be trained to understand each other’s requirements. Failure to do so would result in conflicting demands and under utilization of the resources.

Invest in a Good Quality Headset
Obsolete and inexpensive headsets are available with poorly insulated cables that can lower the quality of audio clarity significantly. To deal with this problem, invest in the headsets with insulated, short cords and replace headsets when they show decay signs. This is especially useful when employees attend business calls from home and the personal headsets of employees are not adequate for business requirements.

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