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Nowadays, Wi-Fi networks are being used to communicate and connect with customers and clients. Many people experience obstacles in mobile connectivity such as coverage issues and international travel roaming restrictions to name a few. Both big and small businesses are turning towards Wi-Fi for superior connectivity through Wi-Fi calling.

Offering Wi-Fi calling services via business phone systems in Canada presents a whole new world of opportunities. People are slowly warming up to the idea of digitalization. Although Wi-Fi calling involves numerous risk factors for service providers, they are ready to go with the flow. Wi-Fi calling provides complete network transparency and greater service accessibility features that are hard to resist.

Free VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol communication tools and apps allow users to connect with others for free. Even though you do require a good internet connection for contacting others and to manage free conference and singular calls from anywhere or anytime, it is worth the effort.

Many companies offer VoIP phone systems in Canada for helping users connect through Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more mediums. These companies offer phone systems and Wi-Fi connectivity for a negligible fee, which is profitable for the consumers as well as the service providers. Earning revenue through Wi-Fi calling monetization is a novel concept and still in its initial stages of development.

Let us consider the checklist for setting up a consistent and profitable Wi-Fi calling service:

  • Getting a Wi-Fi source with Suitable Bandwidth – Monetizing your Wi-Fi network by providing Wi-Fi calling to customers can only work when you offer sufficient bandwidth (minimum 1 Mbps speed). You can research and study the fastest speed required that can support your Wi-Fi calling service.
  • Plan an appropriate Fee Structure – Setting up a Wi-Fi network and hotspot centers, can help you earn revenue. However, you also need a solid operational plan to prepare a fee structure and to collect fees from the consumers. In any case, your revenue should exceed your overall costs. You can collect flat rate on per day basis, per week basis or on a monthly basis. Wi-Fi services can be further segregated into basic service plan and a superior premium service plan.
  • Phone and Mobile Limitations – Even if you are offering a superior Wi-Fi connectivity, some users may not be able to able to incorporate it into their phone systems. They may have an old model phone that doesn’t allow them to take part in Wi-Fi calling. Switching to latest Panasonic business phone systems or carriers can help customers benefit from Wi-Fi calling services. Phone companies offering Wi-Fi calling facility can help customers connect to a worldwide audience.

Preparing for a digitalized future is a great idea. Ansatel Communications Inc. offers advanced wireless services, IP networking, VoIP services and flexible desktop and smart phones assimilation to enable Wi-Fi services.

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