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Effective communication in the organization plays a key role. When you set up a company, business phone systems investment needs to be a thoughtful decision. Moreover, merely setting up the phone system is not enough. . So choosing the right phone system that caters to the needs of your communication network is vital. Installing a communication system is a significant investment which once made cannot be easily reversed. Therefore, ensure that you conduct the necessary research before making the final decision.

Factors to Consider

Whether you switch from one phone system to another or install a phone system for the first time, here are few things to consider:

Understanding Your Companies Need

  • What are the shortcomings of the current system that you are trying to fulfill with the new system?
  • What is the possibility of an expansion in the future which the system might need to cater?
  • Are there any compliance guidelines that need to be considered?
  • Can you train your IT team and the employees on the system you will be installing?
  • Which features are absolutely necessary for the communication system?
  • Who are the vendors or service providers of business phone systems in Vancouver currently?

Understanding the Vendor

  • What is the platform required for installing the new system?
  • What other resources are mandatory to maintain and upgrade the system with time?
  • Does the system accommodate expansion in terms of users as well as location? If yes, how many?
  • Checking compatibility with existing software and programs
  • What is the cost of the comprehensive system and installation?
  • What are the features included in the basic package and what is the cost of any additional feature?
  • Pre-purchase and post-sale services and support

These are some of the basic questions which help you have a fair idea of whether to choose a hosted phone system or the on-premise system.

The Debate

Though you toned to make the choice between a hosted phone system and the on-premise system, it is not a competition of the best but rather the system that best suits your business. It is about choosing the system that caters to all the communication requirements of your business.

Here is the comparison to guide you to choose the best:

  1. Capital and Deployment Costs
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Capital cost: Hardware and software installation and acquiring the necessary license.

Deployment Cost: Low upfront cost as the only cost incurred is equipping your employees with IP phones

Capital cost: Hardware and software installation and acquiring the necessary license.

Deployment Cost: Higher upfront cost incurred to install the system, employee training and troubleshooting possible hitches.

  1. Flexibility
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Easy addition and alteration of features by just giving the service provider a call. Changes will require planning and execution, while the addition of new location or new branch might not be economically possible.
  1. Scalability
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Instant scaling can be done seamlessly by the IT team, does not require the attention of any technician. This system caters for a fixed number of user units and therefore any expansion plans need to predicted and accounted for before the installation process
  1. Circuits
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Installation and configuration are completely the service provider’s responsibility. It is on you to ensure the accurate installation of the system which includes the circuits and connections.
  1. Facilities
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Installation is in a remote location and company need not maintain any support facilities. The company will need to maintain appropriate facilities to support the system.

Choosing the Best Services

When you choose your service provider, you would want them to bring in their expertise and give you their best service. Ansatel is a service provider that offers the best business phone systems in Surrey and has over three decades of experience in the industry. We believe in excellent service and respect the unique requirement of each client irrespective of the size of their business. Choosing the right service provider is also a crucial step in setting up a new business phone system.