Small businesses and start-up organizations need to compete with the leading businesses in the industry. Business phone systems play a vital role of enabling communication within the organization.

Let’s look at how a good phone system is inevitable for any business

  • For seamlessly running business operations
  • For ensuring quality communication with clients
  • To make a good rapport
  • For rapid growth of business

Though it is the era of internet and communication, business phones still play a major role in the communication system. The internet further helps to enhance the phone system. Therefore, choosing the right business phone system becomes crucial especially for a small business or start up.

Considering the Factors

Small businesses or startups have various limitations and critical factors to consider which differ from large organizations. For example, building a strong reputation is of utmost importance if you want your business to keep growing. Your communication system is one of the factors that create the first impression of your business amongst your potential clients. Voice Over Internet Protocol system tends portrays an impressive and professional image. It offers various useful features like video calls and conferencing, call recording, virtual receptionist etc.

Here are the five major factors that will guide you to make the right choice:

  1. Features

Hosted phone systems usually give you a set of features for the chosen package which means you end up paying for features you might not need, but the on-premise system gives you the privilege to choose specific services as per your needs. So the extra costing and flexibility to choose can be the deciding factor here.

  1. Cost

This is a crucial factor for small businesses or startups as they tend to have a limited budget. Hosted phone systems have a lower upfront cost due to low installation charges and no additional facility required to support the system as the is remotely located. On-premise systems, on the other hand, have a much higher upfront cost as well as other installation charges and requirement of support facilities.

However, if the total cost is considered for each of the systems, spread over the lifespan of the system, the costing might reverse.

  1. Quality

A normal call quality is usually not affected by the phone system used and therefore it cannot be differentiated much. However, the issues creep in when the call traffic increases significantly. The on-premise system is capable of prioritizing the traffic and maintaining the call quality, but the hosted system witnesses a fight between data and voice packets.

  1. Customization

On-premise system allows the IT professionals to work with the system in order to integrate the business phone system with the existing programs and software. But the controls of customization lie with the service provider in case of hosted phone systems, making it difficult to implement any customization that is required.

  1. Tech Support

Hosted systems don’t usually need tech support after the successful deployment of the system. But that is a debatable aspect. For that it is important to consider whether your business requires handling a large amount of data across the internal network and the cost you are ready to incur.

Best Service Provider

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