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Earlier call recording and storage was expensive and complex but with the arrival of call recording software, it records the phone conversations over the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and finally stores it in digital-audio format. The software even has the function of call logging as well. Call centers should all have the call recording software for the myriad benefits offered by it.

The Advantages of the Call Recording Software

Augment Agent Performance
Recording a call can help to improve the performance of the agent of the call centre. All the agents are expected to communicate effectively, politely and clearly with the customers answering patiently all their queries. The best way the management of a call centre can monitor the performance of its employees, is by hearing the recorded calls. On the basis of the recorded calls the managers can give further training to the employees to improve their performance.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction
The recorded calls in business phone system in Surrey help the managers to resolve the customer complaints promptly. For instance, if an agent jots down the wrong information of the credit card of a customer, the manager can listen to the recorded call and correct the wrong information acquired by the agent instead of calling up the customer again. This saves the Company money, time and avoids irritating the customers as well.

Effective Sales Training to the Agents
The information or data collected from recorded calls can be used to offer productive sales training to call-centre agents. For example, if a customer is in happy mood, he will provide information on a lot of things during a conversation between him and the agent. This data or information can be used to boost the sales. Deft and experienced agents know how to push a product to a customer. By playing the calls of the experienced agents, managers can train the juniors. He can also select a bad call to point out the things that agents need to avoid while interacting with the customers.

Performance reviews
Reviewing the performance is of great importance to the employees as well as the company. With the help of the call recordings, the managers can compare the employee performance to the benchmark set by the company. On the basis of the calls the agents can find out their short comings and improve their tone and performance. The supervisors and the managers can also guide them for the same.

Better security
With an effective call-recording system in place, management can monitor the inappropriate calls and find out security problems. This helps to lower the personal calls made by employees.

In addition to the call recording software, new age systems like screen recording also helps to boost the employee performance and customer experience.

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