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Having a dependable phone system is the key requirement of any business. The proprietary older phone systems are expensive and difficult to scale up and down and configure. Whereas the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can be easily configured and supports a vast range of technologies and call features.

The Merits Associated with a VOIP Phone System

o   Supports Comprehensive Range of Features and Technologies: The advantage of upgrading to the hosted VOIP phone system is that it supports a wide array of technologies and call features. All the traditional call features are available in the VOIP phone systems such as call transfer, call hold, call hunt, follow me, auto phone menus, conference calling and much more. Thus, by investing in the hosted VOIP business phone system in Surrey, you can enjoy both the advanced features as well as the traditional call features. Even in the modern age of instant communication and email, the necessity for faxes crops up from time to time. The VOIP system supports IP faxing. Without toner and paper, you can receive and send faxes with the email account with your hosted VOIP phone system.

o   Cost-Effective: The traditional phone systems required expensive installations, repairs, and maintenance. On the other hand, the hosted VOIP phone systems save on the installation costs. The calls made by using this phone system are way less expensive. If your business requires making a huge number of international calls on a daily basis the VOIP phone system is the right one to invest in to save considerably on your phone bills.

o   Easy to Maintain, Configure and Install: The IP business phones are easy to maintain, install and configure. People with little technical expertise can install this VOIP phone system. The hosted software of VOIP helps in adding new users easily and in a cost-effective way. To use the VOIP phone system, you do not have to install any hardware or software, but you only have to buy the Panasonic business phones in Surrey.

o   Easily Scales According to Business Requirement: It is difficult to assess how many phones you would be requiring for your organization during the initial stages of starting your business. If you are using traditional phones for your business you need to assess the number of phone lines you would require for your business in order to avoid wasting money in too many lines. All these problems can be solved with a VOIP phone system. With Panasonic business phones in Surrey, you can add and remove phone lines according to your requirement. You do not unnecessarily have to pay for more than required phone lines.

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