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For any business, whether large, mid-size or small, having a reliable phone system is a pre-requisite. The traditional old phone systems are quite difficult for configuring and scaling up and down as per requirement of the business. On the other hand the ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)’ supports a wide range of call features and technologies and configuring it is not a big deal.

What are the Benefits of the VOIP Phone System?

  • Easy Upkeep, Installation, and Configuration: The IP Panasonic business phones can easily be configured, installed and maintained. Moreover, little technical knowledge is needed for the installation of such a business phone system. The software of the VOIP phone system enables in adding users on a daily basis and that too in an affordable way. For using the ‘VOIP’ phone system, installation of the software or hardware is not required but you have to purchase the Panasonic business phones.
  • Easy Scaling Up and Down: As it is difficult to determine the number of phones you would be requiring for a business initially, you need to invest in a phone system that is scalable. In the case of the ‘traditional’ phone system, you have to determine the number of ‘phone lines’ you would need for your organization accurately for avoiding overspending on many lines. The problem to a great extent is solved by the ‘VOIP phone’ system. With such a phone system, removing and adding lines is so easy.
  • Supports Wide Range of Technologies and Features: There is a host of advantages of upgrading to the ‘hosted VOIP’ phone system. In addition to the basic features of the traditional phones, the ‘VOIP’ phone system offers advanced features such as call hold, call transfer, call hunt, auto phone menus, follow me, conference calling etc. Therefore, by investing in the ‘hosted’ VOIP business phone systems in Vancouver, you would enjoy the basic and advanced call features. Moreover, the ‘hosted’ VOIP phone system even supports ‘IP faxing’. You can send and receive faxes with this phone system with your email account.
  • Affordable: The ‘traditional’ phone systems need expensive repairs, installations as well as upkeep. Whereas, the hosted ‘VOIP’ business phone systems in Surrey help to save in the cost of installation. The calls users make using this system are much cheaper. If your organization demands to make many international calls regularly, the ‘VOIP phone’ system is the best phone system to invest in. It helps in appreciably saving on the phone bills.

For effective installation of the ‘VOIP phone’ system, avail the services of Ansatel Communications Inc. It is a Canada-based esteemed telecommunications services provider that offer first-rate quality services like messaging solutions, wireless capability,  IP networking etc. Invest in our phone systems and you would be happy with your decision. For further inquiries, reach us at (604) 872-6500. We would be glad to help you to best of our ability.