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If you are new to the business world, you might be confused about how a business phone system different from the usual analog telephone. What sets a business phone system a class apart from the analog phone system is that it uses voice over internet protocol. Voice over Internet Protocol is a cutting-edge technology that permits the users to contact others using an Internet connection in place of an analog phone.

This comes with a lot of features and added benefits that prove to be successful for the companies in the long run. VoIP works on the basic principle of converting sound waves into digital waves before sending them to the receiver via the internet.

Numerous modern companies use technologically advanced business telephone systems to contact their business partners and clients. There are various profits linked with the use of these systems. Here are a few features you should look for in your business phone system.


It is a feature that permits messages to be stored for the unavailable employees. A lot of systems can forward the calls to the employees without third-party interference. This feature is available in the higher priced models.

Call Hold

It allows the person to keep the clients or customers on hold while the person searches for information to provide.

Call Forwarding

It allows the user to forward all calls to another system or to voicemail temporarily in case of no reply from the initial system.

Conferencing Features

It is a feature that allows you to connect with two or more people to take part in a conversation. It helps in scheduling a meeting online so that more number of people can communicate and are able to share their ideas at a go.


It permits the last number contacted to be redialed with ease.

Speed Dial

It saves commonly contacted phone numbers and permits the user to make a call on the push of a button. It is a vital timesaver for commonly called numbers.

Backup Power

It provides an alternative power source for ten to sixty minutes in case there is a power cut.

Music on Hold

It provides your callers a tune to listen to while they have been put on hold. It is usually a tune or a prerecorded advertisement related to the company and its schemes.

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