Many people are of an opinion that business phone systems and cloud phone systems are the same. However, this is not true. Even though both business phone systems in Vancouver and cloud phone systems lead to the diminishing of the total cost of ownership, they are not at all equal.

Both the phone systems differ hugely when the question of functionality crops up. A business phone system is essentially an automated answering machine. It does the task of directing a call. The hosted business phone system is akin to a full-fledged phone system.

Several factors need to be considered before you make your mind as to which is the most suitable phone solution for your business. Each system has its own benefits and weaknesses so before you decide what you desire, it is vital to ascertain your business needs as well as requirements.

Things Required For Successful Running of a Business

1. Phone solution that is specifically designed for both small and medium-sized business
2. Parallel features and collaboration tools that can be accessed by all the users;
3. No need to use the desk phone;
4. Saving of time as well as resources concerning phone hardware management;
5. Getting rid of any extra hardware costs;
6. High scalability of the system;
7. The phone system should be able to handle all kinds of users;
8. The business phone system should bolster and help your business grow.

Why Businesses opt for hosted business phones?

There are many reasons why businesses shift existing phone systems to cloud phone systems or hosted business phone systems in Surrey. Some of the reasons are stated below:

1. Hosted business phone systems are very affordable and suit the organization size of most enterprises.
2. There is no requirement to sacrifice features or flexibility. A cloud-based phone system will give you business-class features such as unified messaging, call forwarding, call hold, three-way conferences, follow me, auto attendant, and many such things.
3. It helps to save time and reduces total cost of ownership.
4. There are hardly any upfront hardware costs involved.

5. These phone systems are made to present high scalability in mind without any increase in cost per user

6. They are completely compatible and bolster all types of users such as Office Manager, System Administrator, Receptionist, and Mobile Worker.

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